Dr. Thomas E. Dudney, who can be heard on Rick and Bubba's Tooth Talk, and his wonderful staff are giving away a Father's Day Makeover. The makeover will include 10 upper veneers, lower bleaching, cleaning and x-rays a value worth $14,000.00.

The cut off date for Rick and Bubba to receive the entry was June 8th. Dr. Dudney and his staff then chose 3 finalists which will be added to The audience will have the final vote and Rick and Bubba will announce the winner live with Dr. Dudney on June 18th.

For details on Dr. Thomas E Dudney's denitstry practice visit:

Please read the stories, and then cast your vote below!


Story 1
Dear Dr. Dudeny, Fix my dadís smile! If anyone deserves it, it would be my dad. He has sacrificed so much and given his family everything. He has often suffered from dental issues that have caused him pain and left him out of family activities. He has lost teeth while eating and suffered many countless toothaches. I can remember multiple New Yearís Eves we were home because daddy had a tooth ache. My dad deserves this for being the greatest man I know, my hero, and best friend. He has worked countless jobs and hours to provide for his family. He has always put his familyís needs before his own. He has even continued to help his family in times of need even though his two oldest are grown and on their own.

My father deserves this make over because he has so selflessly taken care of me for so many years. Just last October he had an accident that resulted in his neck and back being broken in several places. We were very fortunate that he was not paralyzed but the pain and depression of recovery was almost unbearable. He is back working and starting to smile again. Itís just his smile; itís not what it could be. My dad is a wonderful man and has been through so much. He would never do something like this for himself. That is why I am asking you to please consider my dad for this. If I could do something to help show him how much I love and are thankful for all that he has done for me, this would be where I would start. Please consider my dad for this; it would truly be a blessing to my dad as well as me.


Story 2
Fix Daddy's Teeth
Why does Sean McQuin deserve this makeover?!

Points I want to make:

Other than the fact that he is an INCREDIBLE father to 3 kids (almost 4) ages: 5,3,1. His teeth (smile) has been a confidence issue his entire life. Its just something his parents never chose to fix. He is always trying to cover up or not show his teeth subtly. We have been married for almost 6 years and He has worked SO hard the past 6 years and will become a first time business owner in October, what a great way this would be to boost his confidence!!

He will be and is constantly dealing with people and is such a people person. Has to take a head shot for his business and how awesome to have a new smile for that!! which we have already been discussing weather he should smile with or without his teeth showing. This is something we would never be able to do right now with being a young family and opening a business. But this is something that he has always wanted to look into but hasn't knowing it was not a possibility financially. Even though his teeth has been such a big deal in his life he has never complained about not being about to fix his teeth

I am just so proud of who he is and how hard he has worked to get to where he is with opening a business and how he has worked so hard to support our family, and so proud of the father he is to our children i would love (and i know he would to) nothing more than to give him a HUGE confidence boost in starting this NEW chapter of his life!

Not to mention the fact that his BEFORE and AFTER photos would be off the chain!!!


Story 3
This isn't my father. This is my husband and father of my two children, Bill. The reason I think he deserves this makeover is because he has sacrificed the ability to fix his teeth so many times for the benefit of our family. His first sacrifice was for our son, who needed braces. We then had to put off getting his teeth fixed to help pay for our daughter's birth, but this last time that we had to put off yet again getting his teeth fixed was when in November of 2010, I was diagnosed with stage 4 tonsil cancer. It was one tough year. He worked about 12 hours a day, 6 days a week to support his family and then added on taking over all the household responsibilities, being basically a single father to a 12 year old son and a 4 month old daughter, and trying to keep me alive through the grueling year of surgery, radiation and chemo treatments, fixing his teeth was the last thing on his mind.

With all the medical bills and credit card debt we have incurred, getting his teeth fixed seems like a far away dream for a man who selflessly gave everything he had to his family during the worst time in our lives. If it hadn't been for him, I wouldn't now be a 1 year survivor! I can't ever dream of repaying him for what he did for me, for standing by me, for holding onto me when at times I was ready to give up completely. Please help me at least give him a new smile when we have so much to smile about!


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