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The Rick & Bubba Dictionary

A Lock
A sure thing.

American League

Ate-a Moon Pie
Sorority of fat women.

B Team
Rick's children, Brandi (Jo Jo), Blake (Boomer), Brooks (Big Love), Brody (Taz), and Bronner (Cornbread) who went to be with the Lord at age two and a half. See also: Killer B's.

Term relating to the general curviness of the female posterior.

Back at cha
Proper response if you agree with something Rick and Bubba have said or just returning the love.

Banana Spider
An actual spider that lives in the tip of unpeeled bananas. Kills 3 people per year. Bubba does not want to be one of those three so he is always sure to pinch the tip of his banana.

Bankhead bounce
A type of dance.

Banshee Monkey
Animal doesn't exist, but Rick and Bubba think it does… it means to scream loudly.

A short-haired, slightly awkward, big kid who plays rough. Might also be spelled Boomont.

Bed music
Radio term for music played underneath someone talking such as during intros for different segments of the show. (Has nothing to do with "You Know".)

What Bubba says when he means "peruse". Also, what Bubba does to the English language occasionally.
(Example: "If you peruse the Rick & Bubba Dictonary you can see how Bubba sometimes beruses certain words. Look for the asterisks.")

Big Bubba Hello
Having Bubba send out a greeting, announcement, welcome, or other info over the airwaves.

Big Eye
Not being able to go to sleep.

Big Momma Whomp Whomp
Large woman of weight (bigger than a peggy) who uses a motorized scooter to get around a location and blocks the aisles of department stores.

Big Red
Satan. (ed note - This is not in reference to any school mascot....although they may be mischievous....they are not Satan)

A person or a behavior the show finds annoying.

Bobo no-no
Doing something that you should not be doing. (Inspired by a similar phrase, "Bozo no-no", from the old Bozo the Clown television show.)

Book of Blame
Imaginary reference used primarily by spouses to shift responsibility for a bad event.

Bringing it from Piedmont
Dancing hard.

The large spread owned by Bubba where various and sundry outdoor recreational activities are possible. (Also, known as Big Lick Farm.)

Buck Nelson
A prize deer -- perhaps even an unattainable one. (Term apparently coined by Greg Burgess.)

Buddy Deal
When you make a deal with someone to get something free...or "Hey I'll help you out and I want nothing in return"...usually complete basically have no deal.

But Uh
Similar to Go Ahead...used for emphasis.
(Example: I look forward to working all night but uh… go ahead.)

Someone who interrupts or impedes communication.

C Store
A convenience store. Where Bubba catches up on the latest news from the guy working there.

A dramatic pause or break. Bubba includes one in his Shakespearean quote during "Good Old Boy Theatre". (Rick says SESS-OOR because he says Eddie Wilson of Eddie and the Criusers pronounces it that way instead of SAYS-YOUR-AH which is correct.)

Can't Have Nuthin
Don't assume you can have something go the way you want it to go.

Car Wash Joe
Rick's former boss at a car wash where he worked while in high school and college.

Substitute word for a more vulgar term (spelled with the same letters) meaning nonsense, rubbish, or number two category human waste.
(Example: "All of this global warming caused by humans talk is a bunch of carp!" "That squirrel falling out of the drop ceiling scared the carp out of me!")

To pretend to find something interesting or funny.

To add useless or meaningless information/chatter to a conversation when trying to contribute.

Circle Dodge
A game played by Rick and Bubba where you make an "OK" sign with your hand and hold it below your shoulders and try to get someone to look.

Come on back
A phrase used to get a response from someone. Taken from old CB lingo.

To go without any underwear.

Cover 22
Bubba's term for an excuse that is so solid that it is diffcult or impossible to effectively question.

Term for inter-racial dating.

Cull Your Nuts
To rectify a situation that involves unintelligent decision makers.

To be harshly corrected or shut down by someone.

Another term for a loser person or situation.

See Good Un…this is a slight increase but same concept.

To introduce or release to the public. Used in place of the more common "debut".

A situation of sheltering in place, dealing with a pandemic, or taking extraordinary measures to stay safe during a major health crisis. Also: the setup for broadcasting the show remotely during social distancing orders. (from DEFCON, a U.S. military defense readiness system and country singer Joe Diffee who was a COVID-19 casualty.)

A member of a certain US political party that is addicted to catch phrases, meaningless promotional statements, and other things generally not good for America.

Dewey Monroe Broadcast Center
The state-of-the-art studio at at the former flagship station dedicated to the memory of a radio legend.

Dial Nine
Hit a home run.

Another name for ditty.

Digital Basement
Bubba's band (actually his computer with music creating capability) which regularly releases songs that may be destined for greatness in the music world.

To give a difficult time.
(Example: When Rick and Bubba talk to Bruce again, there is a good chance they will dog him.)

Everybody On
To be the butt of a joke or to be the focus of satire.

Eyeball Smiley
A move used by players who are snakin'. This includes first catching the attention of someone visually, and then flashing a smile to try and get something going.
(Example: Hey Speedy, we've got an Eyeball Smiley at twelve o'clock.)

Feed The Beast
When Rick and Bubba spread culture to society

Flustrate *
An obsolete word meaning to confuse and annoy.

For The Love
Give me a break or cut me some slack.

Full Blown
Just the opposite of "Touch of". This is when someone (or thing) is complete.
(Example: Johnny is full blown American League.)

Fumble the ball
Let someone down… not coming through.

Fun Zone
Time on the show or in life generally when the guys want to refrain from heavy topics, controversy, and other depressing interaction.

Bad smell or sickness.

Get The Stick
To be bashed by Rick and Bubba.

Give us 48 hours
To put something off or to procrastinate.

Good looking Moms. What Speedy and the other Rookie League coaches were accused of paying more attention to at recruiting time than the talent of the baseball players on their teams.

Go ahead
Used at the end of a sentence to place emphasis...usually used at the end of a sarcastic statement to reiterate your point.
(Example: I could have used two hotdogs instead of one...but go ahead!)

Go bananas
To give your all. To act crazy or reckless.

Go nutshell
Get to the point… put in a few words… the meat of the conversation.

Goat roping
An event (usually a remote) that the organizers think is extremely important but that interests hardly anyone else.

Golden Ticket
A ticket allowing a fan of the show to sit in the studio and watch as the guys "do their thing".

See term "Ringing the Booty Bell".

Loser… Geek… Weak person.

Good eye, Brian!
A shout of encouragement used at kids' baseball games. Used on the show to express approval, and more recently as a substitute for "Monkey Grass" by some first-time callers.

This is a term used to describe someone or a situation that is unpleasant. This is also used to call someone goofy or geeky.

Got it going on
A cool person, someone who is hip.

Got it just like [one] like[s] it
Having something perfect in every way.
(Example: Bubba's got his shower fixed just like he likes it.)

Got it like [one] like[s] it
Having something fixed to an acceptable level or in a good way.
(Example: Rick's got his hair like he likes it.)

Green Acres
A phrase used by listeners to signal that they are calling from work.

A person's teeth or big smile -- especially if braces are involved.

Grocery feet
Appearance and condition of exposed feet that might be seen at a grocery store or supermarket. For women it could be similar to "Dad going to the store shirtless" as described in the definition for "White Trash".
(Example: "Hey Rock Steady, those are nice sandals but you may have a touch of grocery feet about you today.")

Guntersville Treaty
An agreement for those working on or with the show barring them from pulling pranks with each other. It originated in Guntersville, Alabama, after a series of pranks and retaliation became too severe.

Any person over 70 years old usually male.

To throw up or regurgitate.

A situation or person who is hard to deal with.

A person who sees to it that a performer, speaker, author, or someone else who needs to make some kind of appearance is on time, in the right place, and otherwise doing all the right things.

Hate Monger
Someone who spews hatred.
(Example: Some may say that Paul Finebaum is a hate monger.)

Have a coke and a smile
To tell someone that you think their advice or opinion is meaningless and has had no effect on you. The modern version of "go fly a kite".

Have you returned your calls
A fun way to get even with somebody.
(Example: RICK & BUBBA: "Hey, Paul Finebaum, have you returned your calls?"
RICK & BUBBA: "James Taylor called and wants his look back.")

Heebs - Short for "Heebie Jeebies"
To be uncomfortable, to cause you to freak out, to be grossed out.


Hey Thanks
Thanks for nothing…not what I wanted to hear.

Hey, It's Real
Phrase used to indicate that some event agreed to and planned long before is about to happen.

Hey, you never know
Indication that anything can happen in the lives of the people on the show and that any topic might be discussed.

Hot For Bush. To be attracted in some form or fashion to President George W. Bush.

High Maintenance
Indication that someone needs a lot of attention and special treatment or that they need to be closely watched so they will not get into trouble.

High Road
Keeping good morals… Godly… Christian.

Higher Than Thaw
Self-righteous. What Speedy wrote in a memo while trying to say "Holier than thou".

Highly Trained Broadcast Engineer
Bubba's description of himself when he starts talking about technical stuff.

Selling or promoting something. (The Rick & Bubba version of "hawking".)
(Example: Hey, John. Whatcha hockin'?)

How 'bout that
A phrase used by Rick and Bubba to ask you to think about what was just said.

Really good, awesome, unbelievable; extremely positive.

Hurricane Rick
A phrase used to describe Rick before he took the high road.

I got one word for ya
A phrase to announce a profound statement that is always more than one word.
(Example: I got one word for ya…Thanksgiving dinner with Courtney Cox.)

I just had a moment
A situation that you will never forget.

The support group started for the many who were consumed by the appeal of Speed Racer. Stands for "I Had A Crush On Speedy".

An ignorant or moronic person or one that is acting that way.

Stupid. See also: Igmo above.

I'm all over it
To declare that you will take care of the situation or issue.

I'm gonna call _____,
This is a phrase to announce a prediction.
(Example: I'm gonna call loser.)

I'm pro
To approve or give acceptance

In the loop
Phrase used to describe a devout listener of the Rick & Bubba Show.

Insert Twist
Being so into someone or something that you refuse to see any faults. Completely involved in something.

Is there a dog up in da house?
To show attitude or toughness; to show unity or to come together.

Jesus' broom
Something that either doesn't exist or for which there is no evidence of its existence. (Comes from one of the most bizarre answers ever given in the "Know the Good Book" contest.)

Jimmy Jam
Same as etc.

To goof or mess up.

Kickin' (like a pack of Ninjas)
Powerful…can be good or bad.

Kill Me Mode
A situation so bad you no longer care what happens.

Kill Urn?
This means to ask a hunter if he or she killed a deer.

Killer B's
Rick's two very active young sons Brooks and Brody (3rd and 4th in order among the kids) who are sometimes a challenge to ride herd on. (Not to be confused with Killer Beaz, popular standup comedian who is a favorite guest on the show.) See also: B Team

Laid back like Willie Ralph
Relaxed and ready for action.

Someone who ends the majority of their sentences with an uncomfortable laugh.

Leave me hanging
Let someone down.

Less Heat, More Meat
Plea by viewers of the show to add more hours of Rick & Bubba to the former Turner South telecast in place of reruns of "In the Heat of the Night".

Letting it eat
Driving a vehicle very fast. Also, doing anything speedily.

Little Red Lopez
Speed Racer when he loses his cool.

Location check
Said to express amazement at being in a somewhat surprising situation. Similar to "I can't believe I'm here".

To get tongue-tied, to mumble, or to mispronounce a word to the point that it causes you to not be able to make your point.

Love Call
Calling into the morning show and telling Rick and Bubba how great they are.

Low Road
No morals…Ungodly.

Someone who does not have adequate volume to be heard clearly.

Another name for a small child.

Maak! Maak! Maak!
Gila (pronounced hila) Monster mating call.

Making God cry
Being very bad at performing something, particulary of a musical nature.

Mall hair
Big hair. A fancy, large hairstyle (like the kind Speedy says the females in his family would have when they "got their hair did").

When a man's wife (or wife and kids) go away on a trip and leave the man at home to do WHATEVER HE WANTS TO! In other words it is a man's vacation "from" his family without him having to travel anywhere.

Me Monster
Someone who wants to be the focus of attention, particularly someone who has a story that can top anything anybody else has told.

Mee Maw

Mobile Assault Broadcast Vehicle
Mobile studio consisting of a fully equipped truck that can be taken to locations away from the regular studio for doing the show. (Driven by "Bones", the truck driver. Also called MAB-VAH for its abbreviation MABV.)

Monkey Grass
Phrase used by a first-time caller or a first-time e-mailer.

Rick & Bubba's home radio station where the broadcast originates and is then beamed to all the affiliates.

Nasty Maggie
Nickname for Jim Dunaway's lovely wife. (Jim was the sports director for the show and did a segment called "Sports in His Shorts".)

National League

No draw. Used to describe someone from the show doing an event where not many listeners show up. (Doesn't happen much any more.)

Name that stereotypically would belong to a stripper.

Not good.
Phrase to indicate that you know a person is in trouble. See also: "Handle" and "We care about your health".

Number Nine
Something bad or unpleasant.

Number One
Something good or likeable.

Nut Bag
Definition is undecided…a lady called Rick this and it has not been determined if it is good or bad…..the jury is still out.

Ol' no shoulders
A snake.

Oompa Loompa
A phrase to indicate "don't talk about that" or "keep it down home, cuz".

A person who is intentionally a copycat. To copy one's clothes, car, house, vacation plans, etc. (Based on a childhood friend of Speedy.)

Papa Rocks
A Gurock but usually older and has trouble getting around…usually Type A personality.

Pre-Bubba...before Bubba was on the morning show.

A friend or buddy. Short for "pardner". (The guys are trying to popularize this term among the audience.)

Greg's name for anyone he sees but does not know their name. Most times it's derogatory due to Greg's general disposition.

Partaking of the marital fruit
See the term "You Know". (If you don't know then a trip through the Song of Solomon might be helpful.)

Paw Paw Rough Neck
An older gentleman that was a Yankees fan that tried to start trouble with Speed Racer while at the World Series game between New York Yankees and the Atlanta Braves.

Name that stereotypically would represent a woman of weight.

Phat Phi Phat
Rick and Bubba fraternity of fat men.

Phone Troll
Unscreened calls with a 30 second limit unless a "timeout" is called allowing more time for the caller to speak. See also: Rough Cut Phone Troll

Pig Me
Term used to ask for a score or just say "Hello" on Rick & Bubba's Pig Skin Round Up (High School Football program on during Friday night during the fall).

Pilin' on
To continue to rag or bash someone who is already down.

Someone who snakes a lot.

Pot Up/Pot Down
Radio talk meaning to turn up (or turn down) the volume. Short for potentiometer, a control that adjusts sound level.
(Example: Pot down mic four. Pot up some music. )

Prophet Star
Congratulations awarded for predicting something accurately.

Puddin' (or Pud)
Wimp or sissy.

Puddinization of America
General trend of people in the USA having a lack of toughness and not standing up for principles of freedom.

To be angry or upset.

Pulling a Derryberry
Bringing something to the table that is not yet available.

Pulling a Dunbar
Causing mass confusion while showing the love for the show.

Pulling a Sheehan
Having almost nobody show up for a book signing. (Sort of the opposite of "Pulling a Derryberry".)

A bad situation…short for Quagmire.

Radio Godzilla
Another name for the Rick & Bubba Show.

Raise the roof
Get fired up… work into a frenzy.

Raising on
Making fun of.
(Example: Hey, don't be raising on me about my new blue jeans.)

Rick & Bubba Internet. The live Internet feed after the show is over where promos for upcoming shows and spots for affiliates are recorded. (Sometimes silliness also happens.)

Red Rock
Mississippi term to let someone know you're scared.

Red Velvet Lounge
The studio at the original Dewey Monroe Broadcast Center that was decorated in dark red wallpaper and featured some of the finest musicians and comedians in the world.

Positive term for light skinned African American female. An example would be the beautiful Lena Horne.

Refudiate *
Made-up word (sort of) that is formed from a combination of "refute" and "repudiate" meaning to argue against or prove wrong.

Rick & Bubba Army
The entire group of people who listen to, watch, and otherwise support the show. Sometimes the guys call for some type of action from the Army and are almost always pleased with the results.

Rick & Bubba Broadcast Plaza and Teleport
State-of-the-art studio that succeeded the Dewey Monroe Broadcast Center.

Rick & Bubba Expressway
The path up Interstate-65 from Lower Alabama to Kentucky where The Rick & Bubba Show can be heard on various radio stations.

Rick & Bubba Fade
After a certain amount of time of showing lots of enthusiasm and passion for your responsibilities while working with The Rick & Bubba Show, the ability to not care anymore about those tasks and become mysteriously elusive.

Rick & Bubba To Go
Mobile version of the Rick & Bubba website designed for multpile technologies and optimized for Apple's iPhone.

Rick & Bubba Vision
Closed circuit Rick & Bubba tv channel consisting of various visual features.

Rick & Bubba, The Movie
The motion picture which almost certainly will be made someday about the lives and times of the "Two Sexiest Fat Men Alive". The guys have fun speculating who will play certain roles in this epic and how various events will be presented on the big screen.
(Example: So, in "Rick & Bubba, The Movie" who do think will play Jim, the Crazy Sign Guy?)

Ringing the Booty Bell
See the term "You Know".

Rough Cut Phone Troll
Phone segment where callers are strictly limited to 30 seconds per call (with no timeouts).

Rude Tourette's
Greg Burgess suffers from this disorder. Rude Tourette's is the inability to control making negative comments about everything and everyone.
(Example: Hey The Blindside is a moving story; of course the movie ruins it by making the story corny.)

Running with the dogs
Staying out late…partying.

Satan's Hand Puppet
Another name for a snake.

Thinking of made up situations for Rick and Bubba to do character skits about.

Seen Urn?
This means to ask a fellow hunter if he or she has seen a deer.

See the word "Caesura".

Shameless Plug
Mentioning a business or product when on the air with Rick and Bubba.

Part of a German (or maybe Polish) phrase meaning roughly "Get over it".
(Example: "Tough Shaninsky." or "Shaninsky happens.")

Bubba's pronunciation of Chihuahua.

Shout Out
A hip version of a "Big Bubba Hello".

Show the love
To tell Rick and Bubba how much you love the show or the Mr. Lucky CD.

Shut Up Juice, Handing somebody some
Finding yourself in a position of being 100 percent right or where no one can argue against you.
(Example: The New England Patriots handed the rest of the NFL a cup of shut up juice after winning their third Super Bowl in four years)

Carrying on a conversation off-mike while Rick and Bubba are in the middle of the show.

Being upset with someone.

Slingin' it

To hit show show affection.

SOB (Summer of Bubba)
The season when Bubba began a program of exercise and activity to get into shape. This took longer than originally planned and morphed into FOB (Fall of Bubba), WOB (Winter of Bubba), and back to SOB (Spring of Bubba).

Somebody said
Phrase used to signal that a joke is about to be made.

Bubba's pronunciation of spatula.

Selfish personal forecast. When someone on the show asks James Spann, the show's meteorologist, for specific weather info relating to some personal outdoor activity planned for the immediate future.

Sporting a Moe
When the hair in front gets knocked or pushed down to resemble Moe from the Three Stooges.

A combination of "squeamish" and "squirm". In other words "very uncomfortable".

Stay In It!
Don't let up or keep on doing what you are doing.

Step Out
To imply or act as if a situation has been handled or is being taken care of, when in reality it is not.

Straight Up
Telling the truth.

To heavily exaggerate when making a point.

Substantial moving cart
A phrase used whenever you can't think of what to say. Comes from an important element relating to the events leading to the Guntersville Treaty.

Super Dad
When Rick is in the mode of the invincible father, looked up to by his kids and willing to do just about anything to make them happy and continue to be their hero.

Sweet Roll
A fat woman… Big Mamma.

Switch Hitter

Ten and Two
Exercising caution while driving. From the position of the hands on the steering wheel at ten o'clock and two o'clock.

That Owns Me
When something makes you laugh every time you hear it or if there is something or someone you can't beat.

The Answer
The group or organization that promotes the communist born sport of soccer.

The Boss
Bubba's huge coat that is made for extremely cold weather. (He has worn it for some of the Turkey Tosses.)

The Great Ones
Formerly Mark and Brian...who are now just another morning show in competition with Rick and Bubba.

The Man
Anyone with authority... Boss.

Throw me to the dogs
To tattle on someone… get someone in trouble.

Generating excessive body odor.

Total chaos… anything goes… no rules. Tinies Pre-toddler children.

To ya
Term used to send salutation or suggestions to someone.
(Example: I get tired of always paying taxes...hey, Bill Clinton to ya.)

Touch of _____.
This is used when someone (or thing) isn't completely something but has the potential.
(Example: Johnny has a touch of goob about him.)

Tramp stamp
A tattoo on the lower back of a female that some people (not all) think is a reflection of low social status. (Hey, it's a stereotype.)

Trying to be sharp
When one attempts to do or say something solely to look important, edgy or unique

Under The Bus
To be put in the position to be the butt of a joke or to be the focus of satire.

To disappear or the act of disappearing -- not becoming invisible, but rather being hard to find. (Can be either a noun or a verb.)

Rick's new word combining "vigilant" and "militant". So, instead of "vigilant, militant vegetarian" you have "vilitant vegetarian".

Wife bringer.

We care about your health
Statement to show support and/or concern. (Can be used even if the situation only marginally health related.) See also: "Not good".

What if
Game played by Rick & Bubba to think of outrageous situations that they wish were true or would be very strange.
(Example: What if Brett Favre brought biscuits and gravy to Rick and Bubba?)

White Horse Boxing Only The Strong Survive
A call to get tough.

White Trash
One level past redneck. Some indications are having a minimum of five children and Dad going to the store shirtless.

Who's Your Daddy
Phrase used to signify domination.
(Example: Hey, Mark Prater, who's your daddy?)

Win, Place, Show
(this can never be broken) This is a phrase used to determine whether someone is telling the truth or not. Far greater than saying "Serious Business" or "Straight up man".
(Example: I talked to Brett Favre today.
No you didn't.
Win, Place, Show!)

A distinguishing feature in a baby boy prediction.

A term used at times when someone can't speak clearly or gets their words mixed up when trying to convey a story or message.

The place where some form of discipline is instilled.
(Example: Some people think Paul Finebaum should be taken to the woodshed.)

Working like a Dog
Working hard…putting in a full day.

Agreeing on the spur of the moment to do something but not having the ability and/or the desire to follow through with whatever was agreed to.

You ain't got a hair
A call to be strong or call for courage.
(Example: You ain't got a hair if you don't put those pictures back on the wall.)

You got a little hen about ya

You Know
A term for intimate relations between married folks.

You're Broadcasting
Making a statement that may get you in trouble, when you have forgotten that people can hear you.

You're killing me Whitey
Letting Rick and Bubba or anyone on the show down.

Youth Gang
Rick & Bubba interns and part-time employees.

Yuck Mouth
Cursing or bad language.

Zero (Big Zero)
Something bad or unpleasant. Opposite of "number one".

Last Updated 8/29/2018

*A word created or used in a special way by Bubba