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Dr Dudney's Fix Momma's Mouth Contest

Dr. Thomas E. Dudney, who can be heard on Rick and Bubba's Tooth Talk, and his wonderful staff are giving away a Mother's Day Makeover. The makeover will include top veneers on upper teeth, lower bleaching, cleaning and x-rays - a value worth $15,000.00.


Finalist 1:

When I think of my Momma, several words come to mind...
Queen of Celebrations
Kindred Spirit
Godly example & mentor
Heart of our family
As a teacher, one of the many lessons Momma has taught me from an early age is the importance of preserving memories. My family has always been big on taking pictures as a way to document our life. Momma is always happy to oblige to a picture, even silly selfies! My parents’ home is filled with many family pictures yet I know she has a hard time looking at herself in those pictures.
Momma is a beautiful woman inside and out but she feels inhibited by her smile. She’s not at all vain but she’s self-conscious about her smile.
I feel that by fixing Momma’s mouth, we’d be given her a new window into her beautiful self...a smile that captures the joy in her heart.

Finalist 2:

Dear Rick and Bubba,

Only five-hundred words to write something inspiring about my wonderful momma? Ok. I hope to do her justice in the remaining four-hundred and seventy-four. First off, my name is Justin and I’m the youngest of three. We have all been loyal listeners for twenty years now and when she mentioned this contest, I have to admit I thought she was messing with me. Surely that wasn’t a contest called “Fix Momma’s Mouth.” Sounds so classy and prestigious. Well, when I saw the grand prize I was flabbergasted. “How many times can you enter?”, I asked. “Only once son,” she replied. So here I am. Using all my skills I learned in in the art of literature to be creative and clever enough for y’all to read this twice and not to point out errors I made throughout, please excuse any grammatical errors.  Since we were little, she has instilled a vibrant love for life in all of us. From the way she carries herself to the way she spreads compassion and kindness to anyone she encounters. All our friends and family would attest to this. If there was one thing I could do for my sweet mádre, it would be to restore her confidence when she smiles. Over the years, she has given so much to others, she has put her own needs on the backburner. There is no one more deserving than my mom! As you can tell from my writing thus far, she has raised an exceptional gentleman. But that’s nothing compared to what she has been doing the past eight years. My mother has not only been an amazing blessing to me, but she has helped me raise my nine-year old daughter. I’m proud to say I’m a senior at Troy University, majoring in Theatre with a minor in Philosophy and none of this would be possible without her. She has sacrificed everything for me and my daughter because she believes in me and my efforts. While there are plenty of single moms out there doing the same thing, I feel a certain sense of pride knowing that I am a statistical anomaly. Sure, she could have been selfish and left me to struggle while being a single dad, but her love for her family wouldn’t allow it. I feel like all this time she has been helping me provide a life she didn’t have and that has left her on the wayside of her path. Please help me give my best friend the one thing she has always wanted since she was a little girl, that beautiful white smile! Please consider her in your final decisions Rick and Bubba.

Finalist 3:

My mom is the most selfless, giving, and Christ-loving woman I've ever met. My mother has had dental issues for a for as long as I can remember, but always seems to put it on the back burner to take care of her four kids and husband first. She has wanted to get her teeth fixed for forever; however, hearing about this contest gave us some hope that God could provide another way. Winning this contest would be the biggest blessing and would make her so very happy. As a single mother for many years before being remarried, she never showed us if she was upset or hurting because she was the rock that my siblings and I always leaned on. Whether we struggled financially or had hard days, she was the solid and dependable glue that held us all together. She is always devoting her time to serving others whether it be at her career, with family and friends, or her church. She has tried to save up for the procedure to fix her mouth; however, bills have to be paid and mouths have to be fed before she will even think to do anything for herself. If she won this contest, it would finally give her something for herself that she so deserves. Winning this contest for my mother would help me show her just how much she matters to me. This would be a way for me to give back some of all the love she has given to me. She always tells us that we are so special to her, so she strives to make us believe that. With this contest, I hope and pray it allows her to feel special in knowing how much we love and appreciate her hard work, selfless attitude, and God-loving heart of gold. I truly can't say enough about how amazing my mother is and how she truly deserves to be pampered daily for all the sacrifices she has made and will continue to make. She's the woman all girls want to grow up to be and the mother I can only dream of being for my future children. I am so beyond blessed to have her as my mother and with winning this contest, it can give her a glimpse at how truly grateful I am to be her daughter.


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