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Bubba with his son Hunter and Apple CEO Tim Cook at the Iron Bowl

Turkey Toss 2015 Winners

Throwback Thursday To You

Toys For Tots TV Shoot

Honored to speak last night at The Blessing of the Hunt hosted by Goss Baptist Church who have 110 members, over 3,000 attended. #amazing - Rick Burgess

USS Indianapolis Survivor, Edgar Harrell

We're enjoying deep-fried turkey this morning courtesy of Masterbuilt John McLemore and their Butterball Indoor Fryer.

Congrats to Mitchem Smith for winning the College Gameday Sign Challenge

Gary the Bulldozer Man stands pridefully in front of the latest shooting house he masterfully built for Burgess Farm


Oooooh I'm At The Rick & Bubba Show

Rudy Abbott, Bill Burgess & Greg Seitz

Rick in #75, Greg in the red shirt, Coach on the far right

Rick and Sherri honored by the Biblical Marriage Institute. Pictured with the directors Alonza and Vanessa Jones.

The new orange hunting hat is in the store just in time for hunting season. Be sure and send us your "harvest in the hat" pictured moments to

The Masterbuilt team is serving up some DADGUM good food this morning

Blake Boomer Burgess walks the red carpet for LA premiere of Woodlawn. In theaters October 16th.

3 Outdoor Legends In Studio: Harold Knight, Dan Moultrie & David Hale

Hank Johnson School of Golf end of season trip to the PGA Tour Championship

Congrats to Matthew Salser as he was our ESPN College Gameday Sign Challenge Winner

A birthday party is always propelled to the next level when Fun Source Rentals is involved. #MaddyIsThree

Rick speaking at a men's event at Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL.

Samuel L. Jacksonville & King's Speech

After taming the Tail of the Dragon and making a trip to Washington DC Adler is back safe and sound.

Coach Lou is back and brought his new little leprechaun. #gameday College Football is officially here.

Special thanks to everyone that took part in the 2nd Annual Rick & Bubba Outdoor Expo. To the Sponsors, Exhibitors, Attendees and 1047 WZZK, we truly appreciate all of you, for making this event a great success.

New Intern King's Speech

Gary The Bulldozer Man Flies With Rick

First day back to school for the Burgess boys

John Cisna, the Iowa high school science teacher who lost 60 lbs eating McDonald's for every meal.

The Burgess Family (and new friend) roller skating old school at Spruce Street Harbor in Philly.

Rick's boys, Brody & Brooks in southern France

Emma Hope was so excited to meet Rick! #Pray4EmmaHope

For His Bigger Matches

Rick & Larry Taunton In France Sipping On Sweet Tea

Here's hoping this guy had a good birthday weekend.

Burgess Family At Suzadou Near Labastide France

Adler enjoying the King's Hawaiian California Hotdogs on this Fun Zone Friday.

"The people's elbow has been released. Thanks to all at Brookwood Hospital for taking care of me! Back to the show." - Rick Burgess

Rick Burgess ‏@bigvox - Hate it but surgery had to be done on the ole elbow but it went well. Out one more day take care of the guys for me.

‏@bigvox 06/29/15 - Will miss the show tomorrow but it does give me time to prepare for the much needed revival of the American Church.

Rick and son Brooks at JH Ranch

Sherri Burgess Signs Publishing Deal With New Hope Publishing For Her Upcoming Book "Bronner" That Will Be Released In 2016

Speedy's son Tyler and the Pelham Panthers advance to the Alabama 6A State Finals

Rick relives the weekend that produced a state title in lacrosse.

Greg Holding Court In The Kitchen

Rick & Bubba "Render Unto Caesar" The Things That Are Caesar's

Adler is convinced he ruined the Calera High School Prom

Weekend At Burgess Farm Didn't Disappoint

Pillsbury Doughbubba

Bubba's Daughter Katelyn In Nicaragua

Rick in Nicaragua with a Briarwood Christian School group featuring Rick & Bubba kids Katelyn, Brooks and Brody.

Happy Birthday Bill Bubba Bussey

Adler Post Surgery

Rick with a few listeners after speaking at First Baptist Church of Simpsonville's Sportsman's Dinner in Simpsonville, S.C.

Helmsey's First Turkey At The Alabama Governor's One Shot Turkey Hunt

Rick speaking at the Abilene Baptist Church Men's Conference in Augusta, GA

Rick's son, Blake Burgess is engaged. Here is Rick & Sherri watching him pick out the ring back in the Fall.

Happy 26th Anniversary Greg & Lisa Burgess

Just Part Of The Burgess Farm Experience

Nascar's David Ragan taking part in the Rick & Bubba's World's Largest Classroom #ReadAcrossAmerica

Coach Bubba

Mini Rick & Bubba enjoying the Alabama snow

Dan Moultrie with Travis & Leigh Creekbaum from "The Chase"

Burgess Boys Rabbit Hunting

Rick given the key to the city of Guntersville, AL by Mayor Leigh Dollar

Andy & Bethany Phillips

Happy 17th Birthday Hunter Bussey!

Intern Nervous Cledus

HGTV's John & Whitney Spinks from "Flipping The Block"

Nice of Bubba to let Helms borrow the vest

Brody Burgess as William Howard Taft

Helmsey, Greg, Gunter Guy & Dan Moultrie

Happy 37th Birthday Helmsey! Cake compliments of Edgar's Bakery.

Rick & Speedy with good friends at Rich Wingo's

Hunting With Coach On His 74th Birthday

Meet New Intern Joggin & Bloggin

Congrats to Chief Engineer "Super Tom" on harvesting this Alabama Whitetail

Greg's "Mr Buddy" Returns To The Scene Of The Crime...Checking Out The Damage He Did To The Concrete

Meet New Intern Shadler

Remembering William Bronner Burgess: 7 years ago on January 19th, Bronner aka Cornbread stepped into eternity.

Dream Ranch Harvest

Meet the new members of the Wilburn household, CLAWdia and Jack.

Merry Christmas from the Rick and Bubba Show. We are so very thankful for you the listener, who make us a part of your day.

Rick & Sherri in Prague

Remember that time when we were bobble heads and camped out in a listener's Christmas tree? #TBT

Adler's Birthday Cake Compliments Of Edgar's Bakery

Greg and Chuck at the Jacksonville, AL Christmas Parade

Possible Future Cover Album For The Rhett Walker Band

Speedy's son Tyler signing his national letter of intent to play baseball for the Jacksonville State University Gamecocks.

Markus Fox in Tennessee representing R&B from the deer stand

Rick and Bubba Hat Scores A Monster Buck

If you ever wondered what Greg thought about the bandages on Adler & Speedy, here you go.

Rick and Bubba took in a little high school football Friday night.

WZZK's Davey Allen as both Rick & Bubba for Halloween! And yes, he has a half beard. What a commitment!

This summer Bubba and Betty celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. How on earth did we miss this picture?

New intern "Ruff Em"

Fans of the show Selena and Cole Wagoner with Rick & Bubba. Cole is our Oregon Czar.

Rick's son Brody aka Taz ready for the football banquet

Intern Les Miles with LSU's Head Football Coach Les Miles

Wondering how Rick is recovering from surgery? Preached 2 services today at Beulah Baptist Church in Decatur, MS.

Helmsey, Governor Bentley & Bubba

John McLemore and the Masterbuilt Team with Rick and Bubba.

Rick & Bubba with Jesse Pitts and John Martin from NBC's The Voice

The new CD and a few bundled specials are now available in the Rick and Bubba Store. Check out all the details in "Fresh In The Store" just above this image.

Bubba taking part in the installment of the Dan Moultrie Endowment Scholarship at Auburn University.

Rick with his son Brody outside of Lucas Oil Stadium prior to the Colts hosting the Titans.

Bussey Homecoming

Bubba's wife Betty Bussey refereeing a volleyball game at their kids school.

@helmsey_mhelms - "Wonderful running into @JSUPres earlier today. An extraordinary leader that has meant so much to so many."

Homecoming for Rick & Bubba's kids. Brooks Burgess and Hunter Bussey with their dates from the weekend.

New interns "Ruff Em" & "Les Miles"

@bigvox - "Going old school catching blue gill from the bank with Dad. Felt like I was 8 years old and it was a great afternoon."

Greg with his Mom, Coach Burgess and Rick's son Brody

4th in the Nascar Sprint Cup Standings Joey Logano stopped by to discuss Chase strategy and the Talladega Superspeedway

Rick's son Blake 'Boomer' Burgess (in the red) continues to get gigs as a fake football player.

Bubba on the lake visiting with WAKA CBS 8 Montgomery.

This is either the most well traveled Black Panther taking the same selfie from city to city, state to state or someone keeps using the same picture and fabricating the sightings.

Congrats to former intern "Do It Big Den"- Riley Kate Rogers is here (8lbs 20.5 inches)

Rick's son Brooks "Big Love" Burgess

Bubba recovering from his knee procedure but back with us today.

Clearly the parents of these two cuties are doing something right. Starting their mornings off with R&B.

The shirt Charles Billingsly wore this past weekend at the women's conference.

Bubba's daughter Katelyn playing in the Jr Team Tennis Sectional at Cayce Tennis Center near Columbia, SC.

Hall of Fame Coach Bill Burgess speaking to the JSU Gamecocks Football Team

Bussey & Burgess gang ready for the new school year

Speedy took care of the tick problem, now on to the hedges.

Speedy's children on the first day of school

Caroline and Brayden Helms ready to tackle the first day of school

The "We Ain't Never Been Nowehere" 20th Anniversary Tour is complete. Wrapped up things Friday night in Hunstville, AL.

We will put a bow on the "We Ain't Never Been Nowhere" 20th Anniversary Tour tonight in front of a sold out VBC in Hunstville, AL

This past weekend in Pensacola, FL we started wrapping up the "We Ain't Never Been Nowhere" 20th Anniversary Tour. We will put a bow on it Friday, August 1st in Huntsville, AL. It has been wonderful seeing all of you!

Rick & Bubba Beef Jerky in Afghanistan

Scott Dawson pictured in the middle of Mark Garnett & Gary The Bulldozer Man was a victim of a prank that may go down as one of the greatest R&B moments of all time. Scott's life will never be the same nor will his friendship with Rick.

That's right, we are in Pensacola, FL on Friday for the 4th stop on the "We Ain't Never Been Nowhere" 20th Anniversary Tour.

14's Jr. Team Tennis State Champs

Special thanks to Clay & Kyle at OTM Crossfit for getting these 3 goodins plugged into their program this week.

Happy 48th Birthday to the Real Greg Burgess

Awesome time hanging out with these guys! @rickandbubba #discoverbham

Congrats to Gary Palmer as he wins the Republican nomination for the open seat in the Alabama 6th Congressional district.

Great shot of the entire crew on stage at the Wright Center, Samford University for the "We Ain't Never Been Nowhere" 20th Anniversary Tour

Speedy needs an RV. Picture it!

Bubba's Family Enjoying Vacation

Rick's boys with some friends on the beach trying out the new Rick & Bubba Frisbee

Bubba getting a good start to vacation

How Speedy convinced Phil Robertson to take a selfie we will never know.


Speedy, Alan & Phil Robertson, Greg

Rick with Dave Ramsey at the Gridiron Men's Conference

Coach Burgess, Rick, Brody & Brooks on Father's Day at the Rick and Bubba Outdoor Expo

Afternoon Fishing With Helmsey's Family

Happens This Weekend

Celebrating 20 Years!

It was great to run into @BillBubbaBussey today at work from the @rickandbubba show, very nice guy!

Celebrating 20 Years!

Celebrating 20 Years

Celebrating 20 Years

The Rick and Bubba Team with special guest Don Juan De'Marco and a listener after the first stop on the "We Ain't Never Been Nowhere" 20th Anniversary Tour. Special thanks to KZ 94.3 & Hattiesburg, MS for kicking things off.

The "We Ain't Never Been Nowhere" tour rolls into Hattiesburg, MS tonight as we relive 20 years of the Rick and Bubba Show

Bubba getting some good use out of the frogg toggs head band and chilly pads. For more info on frogg toggs check out our sponsors page.

Fan of the show stops Rick to say hello at Six Flags Over Georgia

Can you pinpoint Rick? Goliath was just one of many rides that him and the Beard took on this weekend at Six Flags Over Georgia

Rick's boys enjoyng the day at Six Flags

The year was 1983, the place was Troy University. Ladies & gentleman...Rick Burgess

Coach Burgess (top left) first coaching job at Banks High School in 1966

The Rick & Bubba Outdoor Expo is a weekend experience designed for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. The B.J.C.C. will be a destination Father's Day weekend for all things hunting, fishing, and outdoors! For more info check out Upcoming Events.

Bubba's first shot earlier in the week from Shoal Creek at the Regions Tradition Pro-Am

Rick with a listener at the Regions Tradition Pro-Am at Shoal Creek

Live from Shoal Creek at the Regions Tradition

Rick with his mom at the farm on Mother's Day

The Spring of Brody Continues...

Rick with Brody and Brooks at Manners Class

Rick teaching the kids this weekend why 21 is better than bump/knockout.

Valley Storm Shelter with the win. A car ran into it at over 55 mph, took gunfire at close range from Bubba and the jet engine wind storm never had a chance. By the way, Speedy was inside the shelter during all of that.

Reservist from the 663rd Engineer Company out of Sheffield AL listening in Afghanistan on our TuneIn Channel.

Rick's son, Brooks Big Love Burgess

A night at the ballpark with James Spann, Speedy and Scott Dawson

Brooks & Brody Burgess on Easter Sunday

Getting the Mobile Assault Broadcast Vehicle ready for the 20th Anniversary Tour starting on May 30th

Rick & Bubba at Bubba's Surprise 50th Birthday Party

The Bubba Cookie

Betty Bussey and Sherri Burgess at Bubba's 50th Surprise Birthday Party

Greg, Angie & Rick Burgess back in the day

The Moron Brothers

Happy Anniversary to this Golden Ticket Seat Couple

Speedy says next time he sees a 'Flash Flood Warning' he is going to pay closer attention.

Rick backstage Saturday night prior to speaking in the Gadsden City High School Auditorium not far from the first studio 20 years ago.

A listener with the perfect fishing trip snack

Helmsey's kids (Brayden & Caroline) enjoying some weekend pool time at Uncle Jay's

Rick's son Brooks (pictured on far right) with 2 of his friends. Good day Bass Fishing.

Bubba's captains hat, shades and Betty Lou

Bubba is 50! Great cake compliments of Edgar's Bakery.

Rick with a precious Nicaraguan girl while on his mission trip last week

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley with The Real Greg Burgess

Brooks and Rick in Nicaragua

Thanks to the whole @rickandbubba team for a great experience this morning! #birthdayfun

Kickoff Hour

Rick's son Blake with Rick & Greg's sister Angie

Cultured Son of a Gun

Speedy with one of our students from the annual reading of Green Eggs & Ham by Dr. Seuss. "World's Largest Classroom"

Rick speaking at the "Man Up" conference in Troy, AL

Rick & Sherri Burgess with Avril & John Thomas

Coach Bubba with the 2014 Briarwood Jr. High Lions Tennis Team

Picture taken from the Golden Seats by @DrewDFranklin: "Good times and laughs with @rickandbubba & @sarasanfranklin"

Bubba prior to his appearence on NBC 13's Alabama Tonight in Birmingham, AL

Rick showing off the new "Yarn Koozies"

Flip Flop's 22nd Happy Birthday Cake

Great shot of Rick in the snow in NYC (Central Park)

Happy Birthday (16) to Bubba's son Hunter

Bubba's son Hunter told his family at 6, he wanted a white van with a logo of Sly Cooper on the side. Yesterday his dream came true!

Rick with Brooks and Brody outside the hotel in NYC ready to tackle day 2.

Happy Valentine's Day Cake from a Golden Ticket seat holder. R&B Army showing out as usual.

Rick & Bubba "The Snowman"

Rick to speak at Columbus First Baptist Church in Columbus, MS on February 21st. For more info on this event and others check out our Upcoming Events tab.

Special thanks to at Edgar's Bakery for Helmsey's 36th birthday cake

Casting Crowns in studio

Bubba with his kids on a hunting trip

Brody "Taz" Burgess in the snow at the Burgess house

Thanks to Rich Wingo and family for hosting us this past weekend.

Speedy's son JC takes a nice 8 point buck this weekend

Gary "The Bulldozer Man" Vines

"I have seen God do powerful things through a life that lasted only 2 and a half years on earth. Imagine what He can do through yours." - Rick Burgess

Meet our new intern "Sun Chief" aka Jennifer

Coach Burgess gets it done at Dream Ranch

Meet intern Ali Jacobs aka "Flip Flop"

University of Montevallo Tennis Player Liucija Smaizyte, Bubba's house guest from Lithuania.

In brilliant Edgar's Bakery fashion they made leaving Greg's name off the anniversary cake right. (Cake 1 & Cake 2)

Celebrating 20 years of the show. Of course Adler is loving the fact that Greg's name was left off of the cake.

Brooks "Big Love" Burgess, Rick Burgess & Brody "Taz" Burgess at Dream Ranch

The Bussey's tackle the West Coast for the BCS National Title Game

Burgess hunt at the Burgess Farm

Bubba's daughter Katelyn Bussey and Rick's son Brooks Burgess at Falcons-Panthers game

Speedy's kids reading 'Twas The Night' (top picture 2008, bottom picture 2013)

Brooks Big Love Burgess with Sara Simmons at the finals of Rock Band League

Merry Christmas from the Burgess Farm

Rick's house lit up for Christmas

Helmsey's kids with Santa, Tis the season

Bubba has a new toy. Google Glass, meet Bill Bubba Bussey

Podo with Momma Dean

Happy 45th Birthday to Speedy! Thanks to Edgar's Bakery for the great cake.

"12 Working Days of Christmas" starts today. Be listening for your chance to win. We have some really great gifts this year!

Rick & Bubba with the winners of the College Gameday Sign Challenge

Rickshaw towing Bill "Bubba" Bussey

Happy Thanksgiving from the Burgess Family

4 Monster Bucks taken at Dream Ranch this past weekend.

Big Al and Bubba fight for the last ticket to the 2013 Iron Bowl

Big Poppa (Rick) taking Taz out for the hunt

Rick's wife Sherri ready to guide Brody on the hunt.

Tickets on sale NOW! For more info check out our Upcoming Events tab.

Rick attends 80's theme surprise 50th birthday party for friend of the show Mark Garnett. Rick sporting ole 75 and blue jean jacket from 82 and the birthday boy dressed as an 80's rocker.

Joshua Hixon (14) gets a big Kentucky buck wearing a Rick and Bubba hunting hat

We are headed to a city near you for the "We Ain't Never Been Nowhere 20th Anniversary Tour". Tickets go on sale on November 15th. For more information check out the Upcoming Events tab.

Lions Jr High 4 Horsemen. Left to right: Patrick Blythe, Brooks Big Love Burgess, Garret Bell and PC Strickland.

Bubba's family headed out to celebrate Halloween.

Helms and that sweater. Will you be my neighbor!

Just another day at the pond for Rick

Donnie & Justin Allison with Rick & Bubba

Katelyn Bussey and Brooks Burgess at the junior high football banquet

Rick's son Brody plays drums with his band in the rock band league

Donnie Allison & grandson Justin Allison in studio last week. Looks like Rick & Bubba made it on the quarter panel of Justin's car.

Pictures of Rick's sponsored World Vision children hanging up in the studio.

The 4 Burgess Kids all together: Brody, Brooks, Brandi, and Blake

Greg & Adler with some of the crew from the Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure at Talladega Superspeedway

Rick with Brooks and Brody after the game

Rick & Bubba with Sarah Simmons and Mason Music Studios

Ted had a great day fishing with Rick & Coach Burgess

Do you love the Rick & Bubba Original Beef Jerky? Well why not share that love or just stock up, it's available in the Rick & Bubba Store.

Rick & Bubba with a listener earlier in the week at an event. Them boys clean up well.

Special thanks to Edgar's Bakery "The official birthday cake provider of the show"

Bubba's daughter Katelyn turned 14 over the weekend. Happy Birthday KK!

Rick & Bubba with Danielle Bradberry

Just 2 goodies ready for the Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure at Talladega Super Speedway

Brooks "Big Love" Burgess contains QB as his teammate PC Strickland finishes the job.

Bubba's son Hunter with friend Emily as they head to a Homecoming event at school

Helmsey's daughter Madelyn turned 1 earlier this week. Happy belated birthday Maddy!

Rick's Mom and Dad on their 50th anniversary trip to Alaska

Donna Christie bid for her women's team to play with James Spann, Bill "Bubba" Bussey, and Club Pro Boo Mason in the fundraiser for First Light.

Rick hanging out with his oldest son Blake who is home to see his brothers play football for the first time.

Bubba got himself a boat!

The Burgess boys headed to school with their jerseys on as they are ready for the jr. high season opener.

Bubba getting ready to tackle the day

Greg with a breakfast cake from a Golden Seat holder

Rick Burgess, Dustin Lynch and Bill "Bubba" Bussey

Bubba's kids Katelyn & Hunter Bussey enjoying some time on the lake.

Amongst the Live Oaks and Spanish Moss at Middleton Place in Charleston, S.C.

Rick and Sherri enjoyed a weekend in Charleston

Is this Bubba's new boat? We investigate!

Helmsey's kids at the marathon Braves game on Saturday (15 innings). The cotton candy has kicked in.

Comedian George Wallace

Helmsey's son turns 8 today. Happy Birthday Brayden!

Burgess Boys not thrilled with school starting back

Picture from Bubba's construction days

Congrats to Bubba and Betty as they celebrated 24 years of marital bliss this weekend.

Left to right Katelyn Bussey, Brooks Burgess, Hunter Bussey and Brody Burgess ready for football season

Welcome our newest intern to the R&B Family...Lethal Weapon

Here is the helmet covering on Rick's sons football helmet

Burgess Farm...Home of the worlds best corn.

Bubba's son Hunter with a little poolside dipsy doo dunkaroo.

Great crowds this week in the Golden Ticket Seats

Helmsey with some last minute instruction before his son Brayden takes to the course for a golf tourney.

The Czars will be back live on August 5th. For more details click on the Czars tab listed above.

Pelham Net Jets 2013

Rick's son Brody "Taz" Burgess wraps up the lacrosse summer season. Pictured here with teammate Jack Ford #22.


Rick's son Blake Burgess (back row 3rd from left) pictured with fellow cast members of the USA Networks tv show "Necessary Roughness"

Rick's sons Brody and Brooks hanging at Six Flags with friend (pictured in middle) Jackson Durkee

Rick, spell out the word "and", Bubba, .com

Rick vs. Adler - The Throwdown In Mismatch Town was over before it even got started.

Rick's son Taz (Brody) kisses the championship trophy as Bamalax wins the Big Easy Classic in Louisiana.

Nice way for Rick's son Brody to spend his last day of the July 4th weekend.

Rick and the boys chilling on vacation. About to eat some fresh seafood.

Rick's son Brody with his team Bamalax getting ready for a game this past weekend in Louisiana.

Bubba's mother, Doris Davis (formerly Bussey) stepped into Glory yesterday around 2:20pm. Bubba was by her side as healing had come. Thank you for your prayers.

Burgess Boys together on Father's Day in Cincy

Brody (Taz) Burgess playing Lacrosse for Bamalax in Cincinnati

Bubba with his children on Father's Day.

Rick getting ready to knock out some Skyline Chili in Cincy

Rick's son Blake as a russian thug for an upcoming movie with Nicolas Cage

Rick's son Blake Burgess (Boomer) on the set with Michael Papajohn for an upcoming Nicholas Cage movie.

Check out the Golden Ticket Cake that a Golden Ticket seat holder brought us.

Bubba's Pro Am playing partner Fred Couples finished 2nd to David Frost in the Regions Tradition at Shoal Creek.

Fred Couples "Coach, what are the chances this ends up on the green?" Coach Steve Spurrier "About as much chance as Nick Saban getting his way on this 9 game conference schedule".

Bubba's playing partners at the 2013 Regions Tradition at beautiful Shoal Creek.

Brody "Taz" Burgess (right) pictured with teammate Kade Worthen at a Lacrosee Tourney this past weekend

Bubba's team defeated a very tough Dothan squad 3-2 to become the first ever 4.0 over 40 State Champs.

Bubba ready to go in Auburn, AL for the tennis tourney. Oh wait, where are his shoes? Do they make it down in time for his first match?

Helmsey's daughter Caroline playing a round of golf with Daddy

Rick Burgess, Michael Adler and Blake Burgess spending some time together over the Memorial Day weekend. Blake is lifting Adler off the ground to make him look taller next to the big guys.

Bubba with his son Hunter after his 8th grade graduation

Rick getting Memorial Day weekend started a little early. Big Poppa with a nice catch.

Rick & Bubba interns check out the new Regions Field in Birmingham, AL. Home to the Birmingham Barons (Chicago White Sox Double AA Affiliate)

Burgess kids home for Mother's Day this past weekend

Tommy Heath (Tommy Tutone) with R&B...8675309

Cassadee Pope with Rick & Bubba

Speedy, Greg & Helmsey aka The Sports Czars have a new time slot. They can now be heard daily M-F from 10am-2pm CST.

Rick's son Blake graduated this weekend from Auburn University. Got to keep his helmet.

Coach Burgess next to the 1957 National Championship sign at Auburn University.

After graduation Rick's son Blake says goodbye to the Auburn University practice field.

Rick with Rick Hendrick at the International Motorsports Hall of Fame Luncheon.

Brandi Burgess (Rick's daughter) enjoying some time fishing with the family down at the farm.

Helmsey & Greg after Bo Bikes Bama 2013

Bubba checking out the yachts this weekend on the Gulf Coast.

Live from Baumhowers's at The Wharf on the beautiful Gulf Coast.

Brooks Big Love Burgess with Big Sister Brandi who is home from Philly after Lions finish season 10 and 0.

Left to right: Cole Scordino, Mark Hand, and Brody Burgess for Lions Lacrosse getting ready to play

Bubba getting the iBuss ready for his first DJ gig.

Bubba speaking at the Sixth Annual North Alabama Aerospace Technician Appreciation and Awards Banquet

Rick speaking at StadiumFEST 2013

James Spann bringing the message at Stadiumfest in the Bronner Burgess Playground.

"Hey Mr. Rick, since you let me out to use the bathroom do you think we could play?"

Indy Driver Marco Andretti joined us to discuss the Indy Grand Prix of Alabama at Barber Motorsports Park

Brooks Big Love Burgess - Lions Lacrosse

Fun Source showed out for Helmsey's daughter Caroline on her 6th birthday.

Coach, Brooks, Nana and Brody over Easter weekend.

Bubba with friends & family during Spring Break

Bubba's birthday cake compliments of Edgar's Bakery

The birthday boy & his lovely bride

Rick's Spring Break Bass

Rick enjoying some family time at the farm with a beautiful view.

Rick leads Lions Lacrosse to a victory. Feel the roar!

Bubba with Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley and Dan Moultrie

Rick & Bubba with Sara Evans

Daylight Savings Time

Have you registered for your chance to win a pair of tickets to see Willie and Si from Duck Dynasty on Saturday, March 23? Check out the Contest button.

Does Speedy look like his world renowned ballet dancing Uncle Duke? We certainly think so.

Remember that deer Greg walked right by, couldn't find? Helmsey decided to get it off Greg's office floor and hang it in his own office.

John Thomas and his wife enjoying some time on Rick's 4-wheeler.

Coach Bubba with the Briarwood Jr. High Tennis Team

Bubba & his daughter Katelyn headed out to the White Rose Purity Ball

Mini Rick & Mini Bubba recently spotted in France next to the Eiffel Tower.

Bubba's son Hunter now 15 years old

Saturday's Intern Day started off with a little lunch.



Bubba and wife Betty dolled up for the black tie event

Rick & Sherri with the birthday boy, Brooks "Big Love" Burgess.

Rick shaving Brooks "Big Love" Burgess

Helmsey's "The Sports Czars" Birthday Cake compliments of Edgar's Bakery.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh shakes hands with his brother Jim, the head coach of the 49ers, after Baltimore won Super Bowl XLVII.

Super Tom, engineer extraordinaire with a big day in what was the last day of deer season in the state of Alabama.

Meet our new Intern "Cheez It"

Helmsey's little Madelyn growing up so fast. 4 months now.

Brody (Taz) Burgess Duck Hunting

Photo of Bubba and the family from the Night of Champions 2013

Bubba with his daughter Katelyn at Dream Ranch this past weekend.

Rick and Bubba pictured with some of the hunters this past weekend.

The Burgess Men at Dream Ranch...aka Deer Dynasty

Bubba enjoying a rare Birmingham, AL snow.

New R&B Intern...T-Town Andy

New Rick & Bubba Intern...5 Alarm

Dream Ranch Bucks Harvested This Past Weekend

Bubba's son Hunter took this nice 10 point this weekend at Dream Ranch.

Rick's son Brody on the board at Dream Ranch.

Mini Rick & Mini Bubba in the radio affiliates suite for the Panthers vs Raiders regular season game.

Helmsey caught up with Johnny Football while in South Beach for the BCS National Championship.

Bubba and the lovely Betty Lou hanging out over the holidays.

Rick and his son Brody deer hunting over the weekend.

Rick hanging out in New York for a few days during the holidays.

Blake escorts Sherri to a wedding on New Years Eve.

Bubba with family and friends getting in one last hunt of 2012.

Santa brought a puppy to the Burgess house. As you can imagine Rick is thrilled.

Mini Rick & Mini Bubba at it again, joined a listener for Christmas dinner.

Rick enjoying some time off.

And A Tiny Mini Rick & Bubba Christmas To You

The Front Of Rick's Christmas Card

The Front Of Bubba's Christmas Card

Intern Slawsa

Tiny Rick and Tiny Bubba make a stop in Afghanistan.

Adler's birthday cake compliments of Edgar's Bakery

The Burgess Family Christmas Tree

The Bussey Family Christmas Tree

Tiny Rick & Tiny Bubba take over a listeners Christmas Tree

Rick & Bubba Sign On College GameDay

Rocket City Rednecks with Rick & Bubba

Rocket City Rednecks with Rick & Bubba

"Little Full Lotta Sap." Helmsey's tree is much bigger than we thought. "It's a beaut Clark."

Living Room Christmas Tree At Bubba's House

Meet Intern "SWEET T"

Take that Christmas Rhonda! (Rick's House)

Brody at the Turkey Shootout in Stone Mountain, GA playing lacrosse for Bamalax

Ladies & Gentlemen, meet CHANCE. "Take A Chance, Take A Chance"

Helmsey's little girl Madelyn, growing up fast (8 weeks)

Bubba's 8.5 Combo Team Finished 2nd This Weekend In Gulf Shores

Rick's son Blake (48) against New Mexico State this past weekend

Rick's son Blake hauls in his first catch against New Mexico State on Saturday in the Tigers 42-7 victory.

Hall of Fame Coach and Grandfather gives words of wisdom to his grandson after a playoff loss while grandson wears Grandfather's number (33).

Rick and Greg's parents with Brody after a football game

Senator Jeff Sessions with Rick & Bubba

Greg, Rick, Brooks and Brody after a football game.

Rick's son Blake Burgess (#48) prior to Auburn's matchup against Vanderbilt.

Speedy's new Rick & Bubba Boots compliments of and PBR.

Meet our new intern Carter Irons aka "Iron Man"

The Burgess Family Visiting World Vision Children In Ethiopia

Rick meeting one of his World Vision children in Ethiopia.

Bubba's 3.5 National Tourney Team in Tucson, AZ.

Raised on Rick & Bubba! Our new addition's favorite pacifier.

Fresh off his Alabama State Tri Level Championship Bubba will head to Arizona for a National Title. He will rejoin us on Monday. Good luck Bubbs, bring it home!

Rick celebrates his 48th birthday with cake from Edgar's Bakery! #75 Uncle Rico is so happy.

Need some motivation today? Stare into the eyes of Rico. Don't look away, take it all in.

Bubba's daughter Katelyn Bussey turned 13 this past week.

Rick suited up and ready to the lead the Oxford Yellow Jackets onto the field.

Who is...Orange Justice?

Brooks "Big Love" Burgess #64 with teammate Jacob Hawk #62 of the 7th grade Briarwood Lions

Speedy thinks a listener brings him an iPhone 5.

Uncle Bubba with Madelyn Reese Helms

Madelyn Reese Helms

Kyle Busch stopped by today to visit with Rick & Bubba

Bubba's son Hunter caught a foul ball during batting practice at Yankee Stadium.

Rick & Bubba Sign at College Gameday in Dallas for the Alabama vs Michigan matchup

Bubba and Family in New York for the weekend. Yes, they have reunited with the Naked Cowboy!

Rick at Gardendale First Baptist Church with happy Rick and Bubba fans loving the Jerky

Bill Bubba Bussey, Actor Chris Ellis and Rick Burgess

James Denton & Shawnee Smith shooting a movie in the R&B studio.

Kevin Turner with Rick & Bubba - "American Man: The Price Of Gridiron Glory"

Brooks Big Love Burgess, braces off sporting new smile with Dr. Sherri Weissmann.

Ergun Caner, Rick Burgess and Pastor Ronnie Coleman at Strength of Champions Men's Conference this weekend at Emanuel Baptist Church in Pace, Florida

J.T. Flashback: The Running Of The Goobs 2003

Rick & Sherri at Sherri's Birthday Dinner

Blake Burgess wears the battle scars of Auburn's fall practice (Auburn Bureau photo)

Rick & Bubba and The Sports Czars with Grayson Russell from "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid"

Rick & Bubba Flashback - Misty May Treanor with R&B before the 21-0 Olympic career.

Looks like the Burgess Fam had a successful fishing trip while visiting the Gulf Coast

The Burgess family heads out to fish the Gulf.

3.5 USTA Alabama Sectional Champs

Rick's son Blake back for a few days from Auburn to enjoy some summer time with family.

Wynnsanity wraps up his internship this week. Thanks for all of the hard work the last few months sir.

Alabama Junior Team Tennis State Championship

Rick & Bubba with Glenn Guist from Swamp People

A listener caught Tiny Rick and Tiny Bubba brushing up on liberty, sound money, and the Constitution.

Clemson Head Baseball Coach Jack Leggett meets Tiny Rick & Tiny Bubba.

The Bussey Fam while on vacation last week.

The Burgess Family's Liaison Tamaru wearing a Rick & Bubba hat in Ethiopia.

The Burgess Family with two of the children sponsored through World Vision.

Above the Antique Archeology Store in Nashville, TN it reads "Need More Rick & Bubba".

Tiny Mighty R&B Army

Tiny Rick and Tiny Bubba show up in New York to sign up to be ball boys at this years U.S. Open. Large Bubba is so proud.

King James finally got the hardware that has eluded him in the past. Congrats on the NBA Championship Lebron, well deserved.!

Tiny Rick, Tiny Brett Favre and Tiny Bubba

Tiny Rick and Tiny Bubba on the moon...well from the looks of things that appears to be the case.

Tiny Rick & Tiny Bubba starting to show up in the oddest of places.

Matt Carter was looking forward to this piece of pie until these 2 showed up! Wonder if Tiny Bubba will share with Tiny Rick?

Tiny Rick & Bubba busting some suds at Shelley Hazzard's Home

A listener sent us a picture of what their Mini Rick & Bubba were up to. These tiny R&B's evidently love the Czars.

Candi Mills found her Mini Rick & Mini Bubba creating some mischief in the car on the way home from work yesterday.

Eddie Van Adler's New Look - Before & After

Little man got him a haircut. Good look Eddie Van Adler!

The newest member of the New Zealand All Blacks Lacrosse Team.

Brooks "Big Love" Burgess first day as a Teen Volunteer at the Birmingham Zoo

Bill Bussey guides the Net Patrol to victory in the Alabama 3.5 State Tourney.

Beef Jerky on the move!

Pelham Panthers 6U All Stars - Helmsey's son is pictured 5th from left to right.

Eddie Van Adler and Professional Champions Tour Golfer Bernhard Langer

Rick, Coach Chizik and Bubba at the Regions Tradition at Shoal Creek.

Live From The Regions Tradition at beautiful Shoal Creek.

Brooks Burgess (Rick's son) and Katelyn Bussey (Bubba's daughter) at the 6th Grade Graduation.

Rick sporting his Dickie Nadmeyer shirt.....Roll Tide

Brody (Taz) at a Lacrosse Tournament this past weekend.

Team Select wins a second 3on3 Connect Basketball Tourney in as many weeks. Special thanks to Chick-Fil-A and all of the wonderful volunteers for such a great event.

Siran Stacy with Rick and Bubba

A new crop of interns are in for the summer. Meet "Coco" aka Nick Canaday. Resemble anyone in particular?

Speedy's 8U Sidewinders take the USSSA Global NIT Championship in Athens, AL.

Congrats to the Rick and Bubba 3on3 Champs, Team Select. Special thanks to Jack's, 100.3 The River and all of the Connect Events Volunteers that made this event in Huntsville, AL so great.

Pregame Breakfast at Tacky Jacks in lovely Gulf Shores, AL

Mt. Mailbox

The Sports Czars, Monday - Friday 12pm-3pm CST on 97.3 The Zone.

Alan Head and Bill Bubba Bussey after their 3.5 Championship Win at Riverchase Country Club.

Speedy speaking at PURE Celebration this past weekend.

Greg with the Director of Guest Services, Patrick Barfield training for the Ride Along in the New 2012 Pace Car Camaro at Talladega SuperSpeedway.

Oak Mountain State Fair joins the Rick & Bubba Show.

Rick's son Blake signing autographs at this years A-Day Game.

Rick & Bubba with Brian Jordan

Rick tackles Heisman Trophy Winner Bo Jackson at the A-Day Game this past weekend.

Rick's Team Cruises to 45-15 J-Day Win.

JD Simpson with First Priority presenting Bubba with the deer he took on Brett Favre's property.

Rick with Big Love and Taz after completing the Easter services at Westwood Baptist Church.

Helmsey gets his own Masters Green Jacket from intern's Taylor Swift and Ellie May Clanton

Coach Bubba in action on the courts.

Coach Bill Bubba Bussey and the Briarwood Junior High Tennis Team

Speedy heading to the PBR Event after a big win with the Sidewinders

Professional Bull Rider Sean Willingham with Speedy, Rick, Bubba & Greg.

Rick, Charles Billingsley and Bubba

Directors and Cast from the movie October Baby with Rick & Bubba.

Bubba's birthday cake compliments of Edgar's Bakery.

Brody aka Taz catches nice bass over spring break.

The Wilburn Boys enjoying the beach. Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort has some great Speedy Spring Break Specials for you and your family!

Rick catches very nice large mouth bass to get Spring Break off to a roaring start.

The Rick & Bubba University Shirt being sported in South Africa.

Rick & Bubba with Former Speaker and Presidential Nominee Newt Gingrich.

The Duggars join Rick & Bubba as they are on the campaign trail for Rick Santorum.

R.E. Thompson Intermediate School students in Tuscumbia, AL take on the Read Across America Character Parade as R&B.

Indy Car Driver Will Power playing the drums in the R&B Studio. He also ran the 40 in a record breaking time of 4.6.

Tommy Wilcox Outdoors joins the crew on the Rick & Bubba Show.

Mrs. Dickens's Class at Valley Elementary School in Pelham, AL taking in R&B's World's Largest Classroom. Thanks to everyone that participated this year.

Mrs. Dennis's Dragonflies from Vestavia Elementary joined us in studio for our World's Largest Classroom.

Bubba is prepared for the storms rolling in this evening in our part of the country.

Rick, Rabbi Shmuel Bowman and Bubba

Rick and Bubba with rising country music star Dustin Lynch.

Rick and Bubba tour the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO.

Congrats to Bailey Carter for winning the Military Smile Makeover brought to you by Dr. Thomas Dudney General and Aesthetic Denistry.

Rick and Bubba Superman shirt now available in the R&B Store.

Greg's favorite dog of all time...BABY GIRL

The Boss takes up reading at a roaring pace in the Wilburn home.

Rick, R. Lee Ermey and Bubba

Uncle Kracker joined The Rick and Bubba Show today.

The listening audience has spoken and Helmsey's 5-6 Year Old Baseball Team now has a name. Watch out Pelham, The Rhinos are getting ready for the upcoming season.

Several members of the SBEC Trojan Baseball Team joined us in the studio this week. Good luck to friend of the show and Head Coach Lee Hall in the upcoming 2012 season.

Edgar's Bakery brought Helmsey a Super Bowl Cake for his birthday. If you are wondering who the characters are on the cake, that would be him and Ryan Brown doing the play-by-play.

Rick to MC and speak at the Purity Ball in Birmingham, AL on February 24th. For more information on all events click on upcoming events here on the homepage.

Ringling Bros. Clowns invade the R&B Plaza and Teleport.

Rick & Bubba with Tuskegee Airmen Walter Richardson

Speedy propped up with crutches after breaking his ankle and Greg about to get into the cake that one of the Golden Ticket holders brought especially for him.

Katelyn Bussey and Brody Burgess enjoy a very special moment after a Dream Ranch harvest.

Greg takes 8-point during a midweek hunt.

Please welcome our newest intern "Skeeter" to the R&B Family.

The harvest was plentiful at the Dream Ranch weekend hunt.

The harvest is in from the Dream Ranch weekend. Blake Burgess, Hunter Bussey and Brooks 'Big Love' Burgess.

Rick's son Blake took nice 11-point at Dream Ranch this weekend.

Bart Starr joins Rick and Bubba in studio

Dennis Anderson driver of Grave Digger with Rick and Bubba.

New Intern Ellie May Clanton aka Ashley Moultrie.

The FCA Jr Tennis Camp at Samford University was a great success. For everything FCA Tennis check out

Texas Hunting Crew with Rick's 13 Point

Rick and Bubba with Santa Claus

Kevin DerryBerry leading the Rick and Bubba Staff in Christmas Carols at the Big Year Ender.

Bucky Covington joined us this morning on the show. For more info on what he is doing these days check out today's Show Notes.

Dean and Company joined us again for a Christmas Celebration. Check Show Notes for more info and please prepare yourself.

Crabb Family joined us last week to discuss what they are up to these days and "The Front Porch Tour" December 15th - 7pm Gardendale Baptist Church - Buy Tickets Online at or 800-401-6920.

Bill Bubba Bussey, Brett Favre and Rick Burgess

WZZK's Country Coyote "Zeke" with an adorable R&B listener at the Gardendale Christmas Parade.

Rick and Sherri Burgess at dinner in London.

Coach B, Geynell, Rick, Brooks and Brody hanging out in London.

Congrats to all of our 2011 Turkey Toss Winners.

Rappin Rick Burgess, Ruben Studdard and Peanut M&M

Larry Taunton with Rick and Bubba

Speedy's son Reese takes his first deer on 11/11/11.

Comedian Steve Mangola, Rick Burgess, Funniest Man in America James Gregory and Bill Bubba Bussey

Bill Bubba Bussey "The Illusionist"

Great picture of Speedy this weekend hosting the Helena Belles.


One Tree Hill's Jana Kramer with Rick & Bubba. Jana is also a up and coming Country Music Artist.

Reese picks an adjective and dresses the part for school. He plays Center for the Helena Wildcats. He says he is responsible for snaps to the QB, snap counts and blocking his man.

Bill Bubba Bussey let's us all know that he is a huge fan of Willie Nelson's music. We will just call this one...Bubba Nelson.

October Baby Cast and Crew with Rick & Bubba

Rick & Bubba with the Rocket City Rednecks

Bubba joins James Spann for Weather Brains!

Rick encourages an official at a Mini Colts game.

Dan Wheldon has died following a horrific crash at the Indy Race in Vegas. Our prayers go out to his family & friends.

Thank you R&B Army for stepping up and helping us not only meet our World Vision sponsorship goals but surpassing it. AWESOME JOB FOLKS!!!

Adler stepped up and sponsored this young man today during the World Vision Radiothon. Who will you sponsor?

Rick, Kristy Sheppard, Dr. Thomas Dudney and Bubba

Cowboys on 280 in Birmingham, AL sporting Rick & Bubba Beef Jerky.

An old Rick & Bubba shirt that a Golden Ticket holder brought the guys.

Edgar's Bakery brought Rick an awesome cake for the birthday bash!

R&B Listeners at Green Bay Packers game this weekend. Don't worry, Helms doesn't really have any special fans headed into Lambeau, that would be his brother!

Rick Burgess, Siran Stacy and Bill Bubba Bussey.

Jimmy and Jay Weinacker (Father and Son National Champions from Birmingham, AL) with Bubba at the Gulf Coast Tennis Challenge.

Rick Burgess, Coach Lou Holtzsh and Bill Bubba Bussey

Here is a sign posted at a convenient store in Birmingham, AL.

Paige Hughes, Betty Bussey & Melissa Wilson here discussing .MOM Event "Because Theres Strength in Numbers" - Sept. 23 and 24th.

Rick and Bubba with the folks from Charter at the Charter Business Lunch.

Bubba's son Hunter Bussey running in a Cross Country competition.

New Intern "Seymour Tatum"

Adler's latest painting. Yes folks that is Predator!

Rick addressing the Mighty Mini Colts prior to action in Week 1.

We are Bubbaless today as he is in Dothan, AL for a State Tennis Tourney.

Adler made a shirt for The Real Greg Burgess when Rick was named to the list of Top 10 Football Players of All-Time at Oxford High.

Looks like a listener has a hat decision to make! Can't go wrong here for this boat ride.

New Intern "Let My Cameron Go"

New Intern "Belushi"

New Intern "Nutter Butter"

Gameday for the Boss! Speedy's son Reese first jersey day.

Briarwood Christian School Marching Lions

The Pursuit Channel's Scent Blockers The Chase w Leigh & Travis join us on the show today.

Bubba's Dog Ragen lounging in the new pool.

Rick & Bubba Fan Sporting an R&B T-Shirt on a roller coaster at Dollywood.

Robert Lee and Nancy with Cullman Liquidation - New Show on A&E 'Flippin Dixie'.

Happy Anniversary to Bill "Bubba" and Betty Bussey. 22 Years of Marital Bliss.

Rick & Bubba with Candi & Ethan Fisher "Kidz 1st Fund Fighting Fanconi Anemia"

Dan & Patti Moultrie catch 11lb bass over the weekend fishing with friends.

Helmsey's children (Brayden & Caroline Helms) enjoying the sugar white beaches of South Walton.

Birmingham Barons Babe Ruff with Rick & Bubba.

The Dukes and Bubba at Rally By The River in Decatur, AL.

Twiggy Steals The Show At The Tennessee Valley Hunting & Fishing Expo

Interns galore at the R&B Studio today......Chiquito Blanco, Mickey D, Powaide, Big Bow and Little Al Coop.

Hunter & Katelyn Bussey are State Champs! Congrats to all of the 14 year old Net Jets.

Is Rick Burgess the next coffee drinker in the R&B Plaza and Teleport?

Bubba's new pool moments from installation. Tune in today to find out if it made it over the house and in it's proper place.

Embers in Ashes stopped by the ole R&B Plaza and Teleport for a rare Keep It or Coast It. The R&B Army overwhelmingly voted KEEP IT!

Bubba's putting in a pool. Backyard looks real good right now!

Birthday Cake compliments of Edgars Bakery. Happy Birthday Greg.

Lizard Lick's Ron Shirley finds car he has been trying to repo for quiet some time now.

Jeff Hodges, Rick Burgess, Coach Bill Burgess, Greg Burgess and Bill "Bubba" Bussey - Coach Burgess To Be Inducted Into Div. II Football Hall of Fame

James Spann and Bubba next to the Weatherman's Boat.

Rick with a baby girl from Overcome Community in South Africa.

Rick and CCFm Producer Helga in the CCFm Studio in South Africa

Rick and Sherri Burgess on Mission in South Africa.

Rick and Brooks Burgess on Goliath at Six Flags on Tuesday.

It'sh officshial. Coach Lou will be returning to the R&B Shshow September 1st. Shpread the word.

Rick speaking at the Worthington Federal 3on3 Connect Basketball Tournament in Huntsville, AL.

The Real Greg Burgess got his haircut and new lime green shirt like he likes it. Little man is ready for the first day of school.

Bubba finds the time to make it to Wimbledon

Rick speaking at Atlanta Fest 2011 this past weekend.

Rick Burgess and Scott Dawson during a Q&A at Atlanta Fest 2011.

Maverick The Flying Car

Greg holding court about the new commercial computer system.

Phillip Rivers Sporting his Rick and Bubba University T-Shirt in an interview on the NFL Network.

Rick, Phil Waldrep (Phil Waldrep Ministries) and Bubba

Alan Head and Bubba collect hardware after winning the 3.5 Mens Doubles Championship at the Rick and Bubba Super Summer Slam.

Henry Cho, Rick, Brian Baits and Bubba

The Rick and Bubba Super Summer Slam starts tonight at the Pelham Racquet Club. For tournament schedule and other local tennis news check out our Upcoming Events.

Bubba with Hunter at his 6th Grade Graduation

Rick & Bubba at the "Make Your Move" Benefit Concert.

Greg getting into the sausage dip brought in by one of our VIP Guest. Just when we thought the Gulf Coast couldn't get any better.

New Hope, a look into the future of a new and exciting place you can call home.

Bill Bubba Bussey, David Nasser, Rick Burgess and Rush of Fools

Rick and Brooks Burgess celebrate State Finals

Hayden High School's Scholars Bowl Team stopped by the Rick & Bubba Plaza for a quick visit.

Lions Celebrate State Lacrosse Final

Thanks to everyone at Books-A-Million in Tuscaloosa, AL and to everyone that came to the final stop of the "We Be Big" Book Tour.

Easter with the Bussey's

Bill "Bubba" and Betty Bussey at the View to a Cure Gayla.

Rick Burgess, Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources Commissioner Gunter Guy, Dan Moultrie and Bill "Bubba" Bussey

Rick & Blake at the 2011 A-Day Game

Spain Park Jaguars Win First Area Title!

Rick Burgess, Michael Papajohn and Bill Bubba Bussey. Papajohn is an American actor, stuntman and former college baseball standout for the LSU Tigers baseball team

Rick Burgess, Douglas H. Wheelock NASA Astronaut and Bill "Bubba" Bussey

Brooks Big Love Burgess playing Lacrosse

Grand Marshal's Going Green at the Honda Grand Prix at Barber Motorsports Park

Bill Bubba Bussey, Firestone Fire Hawk and Rick Burgess prior to the Honda Indy Grand Prix on Sunday.

R & B getting ready to speak at the Chick-fil-A Rick & Bubba 3on3 Basketball Tournament

Adler taking questions in the media center at Barber Motorsports Park home of the 2011 Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama presented by Legacy Credit Union.

Greg Burgess, Betty Bussey and Helmsey at the Hannah Home Shelby Auxiliary's Annual Fundraising Luncheon.

Thanks to everyone at Books-A-Million in Trussville and everyone that came to this stop of the "We Be Big" Book Tour.

Scott Dawson speaking at StadiumFest 2011

Rick Burgess, Toby Mac and Bill Bubba Bussey at StadiumFest 2011

Speedy in a Indy Car at the McDonald's Drive Thru

Tyler The Angry Cyclist & The Real Greg Burgess at the Books-A-Million in Huntsville, AL as part of the "We Be Big" Book Tour.

Bill "Bubba" Bussey and Chris Hammond playing Ping Pong in studio


Rick & Bubba with a fan of the show at the "We Be Big" book tour stop in Montgomery, AL. Thanks to everyone that came out and everyone at Books-A-Million for making it a success.

"We Be Big" book tour begins! Special thanks to everyone at Books-A-Million in Hoover, AL and for all the listeners who came out.


Bubba feeding a Tiger during Spring Break

Speedy and his family enjoy the sunset at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort before heading to dinner!

Speedy's family is enjoying Spring Break at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. Tyler took time to get a tennis lesson...the pro says he's a natural.

Brooks and Sherri Burgess at the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Sophie Muir-Taylor, Katelyn Bussey and Brooks "Big Love" Burgess

Rick, Danny Wuerfful and Bubba

Rick, Chip Wade (from HGTV's Curb Appeal) and Bubba

Chef Pete (Bryan Foods), Rick, Johnye Burns (Contest Winner), Bubba and Sara (Bryan Foods)

Rick, Coach Bobby Bowden and Bubba

Ladies and Gentleman, the Secretary of Defense of the United States (Betty Bussey)

R&B Hat Outside The White House

Greg taking on the MugShots Challenge

Debbie Markey's Class at Our Lady of the Valley Catholic School participating in the Rick and Bubba annual reading of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.

Pam Dennis' 1st Grade Dragon Flys from Vestavia Hills Elementary East here for Rick and Bubba's Annual Reading of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.

Speedy and Greg as Bull Fighters

PBR Star Bill Robinson with Rick & Bubba

Speedy, Big AL and Greg

Your favorite New York Times Bestselling Authors have done it again "WE BE BIG" Coming Very Soon

Keith Alberstadt - CMT's The Next Big Comic

Katelyn Bussey riding 4-Wheelers this weekend.

Bubba's Resemblance to Chaz Bono

Hunter Bussey leading the pack out for a race at his 13th birthday party celebration.

Don Juan stops in for a visit. He is currently in Atlanta, GA and doing great.

Happy 15th Anniversary to Rick and Sherri Burgess

Brooks 'Big Love' Burgess celebrating his 12th birthday with friends.

Taylor Stewart, Boo Mason and Bill 'Bubba' Bussey at the Plug & Play Chaplains Meeting Friday Night at Samford University

Helmsey's 33rd birthday celebration: Edgar's Bakery did a great "Monkeys Riding Dogs Cake"

Meet our new Intern "Willy Wonka"

--The Bull Speedy Rode Friday Night-- "Sweet Thang"

Speedy riding Black Manual in prep for tonights Extreme Bull Riding Challenge


Meet one of our new interns Pugsley aka Brandt Thomas

Brooks "Big Love Burgess" and Coach Burgess take bucks at Dream Ranch this past weekend.

Dream Ranch Buck

He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death, mourning, crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away. He who was seated on the throne said, I am making everything new! These words are trustworthy & true. Rev 21 4-5

Dinner with Blake at The Mission in Scottsdale, AZ before the big game.

Hunter Bussey harvested his first deer over the weekend. Congrats Hunter!

Brooks and Brody Burgess getting ready for the Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona, AZ.

Bill "Bubba" Bussey with his wife Betty and kids Hunter and Katelyn outside of Univ. of Phoenix Stadium prior to the BCS National Title Game.

Rick's son Blake Burgess (#63) playing in the BCS National Title Game.

Rick and Bubba doing broadcast from Media Center outside of Univ of Phoenix Stadium.

Hunter & Katelyn Bussey next to the Pat Tillman Memorial outside The University of Phoenix Stadium..

Blake and other Auburn Tigers at practice in Glendale preparing for the BCS National Title Game.

Jason Johnson from Prattville, AL wins a pair of National Championship tickets provided by Infinity Insurance. Featured in picture from left to right: Linda Johnson, Todd Gober, Rick, Jason Johnson and Bubba.

Blake Burgess opening Christmas gift during the holidays.

Bubba hunting over the holidays

Blake, Brody, Brandi and Brooks Burgess enjoying the holiday season.

The Wilburn's enjoying a White Christmas

Blake tops the tree at the Burgess farm house

Helmsey's son Brayden enjoying his Buzz Light Year White Christmas!

First White Christmas at the Burgess House

Bubba's son Hunter Bussey enjoying Christmas morning.

Bubba's Daughter, Katelyn Bussey on Christmas Day

Speedy and the rest of the Wilburn's goofing off during the holidays.

Scott "The Rock" Gurosky's Texas Whitetail (9-Point)

Tyler Wilburn takes the elusive Nelgia (nail guy) on the Texas hunt last weekend.

Les Hughes takes nice Texas 8-Point during hunt with the crew.

Daniel Moultrie takes nice 7 Point on Texas hunt

James Spann, Lou Holtz, Kevin and Cameron Derryberry enjoying the morning at the Rick & Bubba Year Ender

Adler rocking the Santa hat!

Rick & Bubba with Day 10 Winner Ryan Hammock of the 12 Working Days of Christmas

Rick & Bubba with the guys from ChordBuddy

Greg overbooked the Golden Seats and we are loving it!

Rick, Taylor Hicks and Bubba

'We Don't Have The Tools To Pull This Off' Chocolate Cake

Bussey's at the SEC Championship

Coach Lou Holtzsh discussed this week in College Football.

Dean and Company

Philip and Will Lenoir Duck Hunting in Arkansas in Rick & Bubba Hats

Burgess Family at the Iron Bowl

Brody (Taz) Burgess as Pilgrim Edward Winslow in Thanksgiving Play

Turkey Toss 2010

Bubba On Opening Morning Of Hunting Season

The Real Greg Burgess Getting After It

Rick, Pat Williams and Bubba

R&B Fan in Kandahar, Afghanistan

Brooks (Big Love), Uncle Greg and Brody (Taz). The Burgess Boys join us in studio for the day.

Hunter and Katelyn Bussey join us in studio today

Check out the Rick and Bubba Store as several new items have been added just in time for the holiday season.

Blake playing against Ole Miss

Rick, AL Representative Mike Hubbard and Bubba

Brody (Taz) Burgess harvest first deer

Hunter, Bubba and Katelyn Bussey on Halloween

R&B make it on Earnhardt's ride. Jeff Earnhardt visited with us last week and we are excited about his racing future. Thanks for your support Jeff!

Nascar Legend Jeff Hammond and Coach Lou Holtzsh

New Item in The Rick and Bubba Store. This 16 oz, double wall acrylic tumbler with straw is durable and features a spill-resistant twist-tight lid with gasket and hard plastic matching straw with rubberized sure ring.

Singing Cable Guy at Auburn Game

Rick and Bubba Sign at Auburn Game on Saturday

Rick, Casio Kid and Bubba

Rick, Jeffrey Earnhardt and Bubba

Greg Burgess Bathroom Book Club (Click on the Fun Zone tab on the homepage)

Brooks, Rick and Brody Burgess at the Auburn game this weekend.

Katelyn Bussey getting it done on the volleyball court.

R&B's very own Chris 'Eddie Van' Adler

Hunter Bussey playing Flag Football

Rick and Bubba sign at the LSU/FL game this weekend

World Vision goal (450 sponsorships) was met but there is still work to be done. Thanks to all of you that have stepped up and sponsored a child.

Tune in tomorrow to see if we made our goal. Still time to step up and help a child in need.

World Vision Update - 9:00am

World Vision Update - 8:00am

World Vision Update - 7:00am

World Vision Update - 6:30am

Rick, Stephen Cook with Dynetics and Bubba

Blake Burgess #63 seeing some time this past weekend.

R&B Sign at Bama/FL Game

Colt Ford with Rick & Bubba

McDonald's "Ronald McDonald"

ESPN College GameDay Sign

Sara Groves with Rick & Bubba

Brian Hicks - Iraqi Veteran and Team USA Tri Athlete

Adler Riding Dogs!

College GameDay Sign That Made It Through Security

Rick, MSU's Bully and Bubba

College GameDay Sign

Rick as "The Donald"

Rick as Donald Trump

Hungry Butt at Torque

R&B Challenge Winners Matt and Jen Stuenkel

R&B Challenge Winner - Matt and Jen Stuenkel

We have a Winner in The Rick and Bubba Challenge

Blake Burgess (#63) sees action in Auburn's opener

Blake (#63 Center) sees action in AU's opener against ARK ST.

Brooks "Big Love" Burgess

"B" The Coach

Colts Team Photo

Briarwood Marching Lions

Speedy Rides Elephant

Possum Day joins the Rick and Bubba Studio Plaza and Teleport

Monkey's Riding Dogs

Brooks Burgess taking a water break at football practice

Hunter Bussey at Huntsville Space and Rocket Center

Torque starts today. Thanks Gold's Gym for all you do.

Montgomery's Legendary I92 WLWI's van has a new look

First Day of School for Hunter and Katelyn Bussey

Congrats to Katelyn Bussey - 2010 Girls 12 and under Novice Champion Highland Park Tournament

Moth versus Bubba

The Legendary Shots -

Bubba drives a Tesla

Rick, Dr. Henry M. Morris III and Bubba

Sonic's Coney runs the 40 yard dash (9.2)

Noodle's last day. She will be missed.

Silver Ticket Seats

Rick, Cledus T. Judd and Bill Bubba Bussey

At age 10 Bill Bubba Bussey dazzled folks with one of his many drawings.

The Bussey's at Hunter and Katelyn's State Tennis Tourney in Auburn, AL this past weekend.

Hunter Bussey competing at state tourney in Auburn, AL.

Katelyn Bussey playing in state tourney this past weekend.

R&B fan captures a cool pic 2 weeks ago in Jackson Hole, WY.

Bubba gives in and gets iPhone4. Cloud 9 this morning, tennis, cheese straws and iPhone4.

Rick's run in with a trailer. No more free cars? We will soon find out.

Speedy, Reese, JC & Tyler cap off a wonderful vacation with a round of golf at the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort.

Special Thanks to Edgar's Bakery for Greg's Birthday Cake!

Another day in tar balls here! Tyler, JC and Reese enjoy the great beach here at Sandestin! -Speedy's boys & Captain Sid show off the Redfish Reese caught. For information on how you can have Captain Sid charter your fishing trip out of the Baytowne Marina at Sandestin please go to

Speedy and JC take on Tyler and Reese in a late afternoon chicken fight at one of the many Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort pools.

Katelyn & Hunter Bussey enjoying vacation

Greg gets spray tan in studio

King Rick in Ireland

Betty, Katelyn, Bubba and Hunter (The Bussey's enjoyed their vacation on the Gulf Coast)

Rick and Sherri in Ireland

Rick taking it all in (Ireland)

Speedy's 6-year-old son Reese fishing with his little buddy at Rick's farm

Speedy's son JC catches one of many fish at Rick's farm.

Brayden (Little Helmsey) Helms

Bubba holding court on the court with John Isner

Rick, Justin Martin, Ben Leard and Bubba - "The Season" starts this July on The Outdoor Channel

Team in studio yucking it up

Intern Hong Kong Phobia

Speedy's Helena 8U National All-Star Team

Rick, Beth Alexander (Winner of Fix Momma's Mouth), Bubba and Dr. Dudney

Eddie Van Adler up and drumming with the new glasses.

Rick and Bubba Fans Stop By The Plaza

Rick, Super Bowl Champ Roman Harper and Bubba

Bill Bubba Bussey (left) in 7th Grade with friend Gary (right) Photo was taken in 1977 in Jacksonville, AL

Taz and Big Love at The Burgess Farm

Mayor Don Murphy and the City of Pelham, AL proclaim this week Rick and Bubba Week

World Famous Quadruple Cannon Ball

Betty Bussey and Ryan McCorkle at the 2010 R&B Super Summer Slam

Sports Czar and Winner of the 1st Annual Fat 500 Calvin 'Speedy' Wilburn

Greg lands nice bass yesterday


Greg teaching new intern C-Crest

Honoring Bronner Burgess on what would have been his 5th Birthday

Bojangles Staff and Mascot Bo with Rick and Bubba

ESPN mentions Rick and Bubba during JSU/Auburn Softball Game

Bill Bubba Bussey's approach shot at #1 (Regions Charity Classic)

Intern Chico and The Sound Man with the R&B Staff on his last day

Samford University's Spike with Rick and Bubba

Bubba at the USPTA Convention

Rick and Blake Burgess back in the day

Bill 'Bubba' Bussey at Regions Charity Classic

Taylor Hicks with Rick and Bubba at the Regions Charity Classic

Sarah Palin at the Rainbow Omega Event

Rick & Bubba and UAB Blazer Mascot Blaze

Many of you have wondered about the newest addition to the R&B Team. Ladies and Gents, Eddie Van Adler

Greg finally gets in massage chair!

Michael Allbrooks as Rick Burgess at Wax Museum

"Aubie" Auburn University Mascot

Rick hanging out with one of the Zoo friends that stopped by for a visit

Rick and Bubba Live From "The Hangout" in Gulf Shores, AL

Rick at the farm yesterday

Rick speaking at the Tiger Torch Banquet in Auburn, AL

Rick's Son Blake Burgess #63

J.T. at Connect 3on3 event this weekend

The Bussey's and Melanie Oudin at Fed Cup Dinner

Rick, Fed Cup Captain Mary Joe Fernadez and Bubba

Greg and Helmsey at Hannah Home Fashion Show

Rick, Kevin Derryberry and Bubba

Bubba Listening for Shuttle Sonic Booms

Bubba and Betty at Bubba 101

Rick and Bubba on The Herman Cain Show

Hannity gets a copy of the Grub book. Check out other pics in the Current Events Album located in the Fun Zone

Hunter, Bubba and Katelyn

Dan Wheldon driver of the National Guard Indy Car

Afternoon at the farm

Easter Sunday with Burgess Boys

Brooks and Brodie Burgess playing Lax

Speedy and Little Helmsey

Rick, Bubba and Nicole Allshouse on the set of Talk of Alabama.jpg

Pro Am Partner National Champion Mallory Cecil

Rick "Slick Face" Burgess

Happy Birthday Bubba

USPTA Master Pro Tommy Wade and USPTA Pro Bill Bubba Bussey

Jacob Bodine on the tire swing that got the best of Rick's bicep nearly a year ago.

Rick and his boys during Spring Break

Golden Ticket Cake

Dr. Thomas Dudney and Kristy Sheppard

Bruiser's Before Picture

Bruiser's Before Pic

Flyer for Jimmie Rogers Show by one David Johnson from Louisville MS

Gurosky takes golf and now leads the Step Out Challenge 2-1.

Ross Bridge (host of the R & B Challenge)

Face of Tennis Bill "Bubba" Bussey For the entire article go to

Vestavia Elementary East

Brad Gregory's son has mucopolysaccharidoses, an MPS disorder

Tommy Wade from USTPA, goes over grips with Bubba

Helmsey takes Event #2 and squares things up in the Step Out Challenge 1-1.

The valley where the last battle on earth will be fought

Keyboardist and band leaders for Montgomery Gentry, Lucas Hoge and Tom Paden ‘Let’s Take Our Country Back’

Hank Parker with the Guys. Check out the entire album at the R and B Photo Gallery located in the Fun Zone.

Gerald Swindle and Pam Martin Wells

Scott Gurosky takes the 1st of 5 sporting events with ease in the Step Out Challenge as Helmsey falls 0-1.

Brody and Brooks Burgess

Rick and Bubba Snowman

Snowman showing the love for RIck and Bubba

Rick and Bubba Fans at Super Bowl

Mark Hall with Casting Crowns

Governor Bob Riley and Dan Moultrie

New Rick and Bubba Sports Czar Greg Burgess

Helmsey's Birthday Day Cake Compliments of Edgar's Bakery

Rick & Bubba Cake

Black Jacket Symphony

Ground Hogs Dont Know Jack

Brooks Burgess (Big Love's 1st Deer)

Lance Lenoir's 13 Point Buck Harvested Yesterday

Gail Justice in Antartica "Go Green"

Big Play Ray's 8 Point

Happy Birthday to Coach Burgess

Dan Moultrie with the guys

Intern Crash

Mobile, AL Bubba here in spirit!

Bubba and Katelyn "Bryan Brothers Bump"

William Bronner Burgess

Former Intern GameDay

The Real Greg Burgess After Lipo

Hamburger Cake

Kevin Drake's Bobcat

Sports Czar Rick Burgess

New Intern Shake & Bake

Gurosky's Texas Buck