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APRIL 15TH, 2016

Three On A String - Click Here

John Reep - Click Here

Stardome Comedy Club - Click Here

Kerry Says US Navy Destroyer Could Have Fired On Russian Jets - Click Here

Tulane KA House Builds Wall Causes Outrage - Click Here

Chimp Esacpes From Zoo, Drama Ends On Powerline - Click Here

10,000 Millionaires Have Left France - Click Here

California Man Dressed As Woman Busted For Video Camera - Click Here

Politicians Propose Release Of 500,000 Cats On Rat Invasion - Click Here  

Why People Are Rubbing Garlic On Their Face - Click Here

Man Loses 70 Pounds On Potato Only Diet - Click Here

Man Attempts 2nd Trip To Bermuda In Ocen By Hydro Pod - Click Here