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JANUARY 14TH, 2016

Winning Powerball Tickets In California, Florida & Tennessee - Click Here

Duck Commander Endorses Ted Cruz - Click Here

Haley Addresses Her Swipe At Trump - Click Here

'Making A Murderer' Convict's Brother Drops A Wrap - Click Here

'Making A Murderer' Convict's Ex-Fiancee Calls Avery A Monster - Click Here

Drug Lord Was Interested In Mexican Actress, Not Sean Penn - Click Here

Lawrence Phillips Found Dead In Prison - Click Here

New York Village Votes To Keep The Logo Despite Screams Of Racism - Click Here

Naked Woman Goes On Rampage In Waffle House - Click Here

Incredible Weight Loss Story, Or Is It? - Click Here

Property Owner Powerless To Stop Drones In Own Backyard - Click Here

Antonio Cromartie Has Vasectomy, Still Gets Wife Pregnant - Click Here