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JANUARY 19TH, 2016

"Bronner: A Journey To Understand" Trailer - Click Here

Order Your Copy Of Bronner - Click Here

Burgess Ministries - Click Here

Sherri Burgess: Twitter - Facebook

A Father's Heart: Rick Spoke At Bronner's Memorial Service 8 Years Ago - Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3


Trump's Speech At Liberty University Sparks Laughter - Click Here

Gloves Are Off Between Trump & Cruz - Click Here

Ron Rivera Bans Hoverboards After Drag Racing Incident - Click Here

Eagles Founding Member Glenn Frey Dies - Click Here

Portland State Linebacker Dies After Tonsil Surgery - Click Here

Novak Djokovic Says He Was Offered 200k To Fix Match - Click Here

Calls For Boycott: Lily White Oscars - Click Here