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MAY 5TH, 2016

Justice Department Challenges NC Transgender Law - Click Here

Gruccifer Says It Was Easy To Hack Hillary's Server - Click Here

Johnny Manziel Booked In Domestic Violence Case - Click Here

Rush Limbaugh "Trump Will Beat Hillary Badly" - Click Here

Family Robbed After Hiring Craigslist Moving Company - Click Here

Janet Jackson Pregnant At 50 Years Old - Click Here

Trump Fit For President: Krauthammer/O'Reilly Discuss - Click Here

John Kasich Drops Out Of The Presidential Race - Click Here

Tom & Jerry Blamed For ISIS - Click Here

Wind Farms Versus Eagles - Click Here

Chris Matthews "Hey Buddy You Broadcasting" - Click Here

Alec Baldwin Goes Ballistic - Click Here

Political Correctness Enters Cinco De Mayo - Click Here