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Get Your Golden Tickets!

We at the Rick and Bubba Show love inviting you, the listeners of the show, to come and see the show close up and personal. As we're sure you already know, the Rick and Bubba Broadcast Plaza and Teleport features a glassed studio wall where you can come anytime, without any reservations, and watch the show. But...

We're also happy to invite you to be our honored guests! When you book your Golden Ticket, you'll be whisked inside the comfort of the studio, where you'll enjoy the show from your very own, super cushy studio theater seat, alongside 11 other lucky guests! What could be better than that?

Disclaimer: The Rick and Bubba Show can at any time change, deny, or cancel a visit by anyone for any reason.

Read This First!

We are proud to have Ticket Biscuit partner with us to provide you with a quick, easy, and professional way to aquire your Golden Tickets, as well as tickets to future Rick and Bubba events. To help make your experience with our new system as enjoyable as possible, here are some basic instructions and answers to questions you may have as you get aquainted with the system.

We can't stress enough the importance of the information below - be sure to read it!

Okay, seriously - how big is the demand for these seats?
Big. Huge. For lack of a better term, it's almost unbelievable. As you can imagine, lots of Rick and Bubba fans want to come up and watch them do the show live. But, as you know, we only have 12 seats available on any given day, so competition is quite high for these seats. Most of the time, when we make them available, an entire month will book up in only a few moments. Please keep in mind that you're competing with other fans to get them, so if you don't get in during a specific month - keep trying!

I've read through all of this information, and I still have a question. Where do I send it?
As I'm sure you can imagine, the staff of the Rick and Bubba Show gets hundreds of emails every day. We therefore request that you DO NOT email the staff directly with questions about Golden Tickets, as they'll most likely get lost in the shuffle and you'll end up disappointed. We have a special email address where you can send all inquiries related to Golden Tickets or the Golden Ticket Reservation System. That email address is

When do tickets become available? They book too fast, can I reserve tickets in advance?
As you can imagine, the Golden Ticket seats are very popular! To help give everyone a fair chance to come and see the Rick and Bubba Show, we're currently booking one month at a time, and are narrowing the booking window down slowly from 6 to 3 months. Instead of having the seats booked for a whole year or more ahead, we feel that this will give everyone a much fairer chance to get to come and see the show. Tickets are, of course, provided on a first come, first served basis. Ticket and booking availability for future months will be announced on the show and on our website. Also, we receive lots of requests from people who want to book seats in advance. While we'd like to help, again, we run into the issue of fairness. Therefore, we are no longer accepting requests for advance bookings via email. We only accept reservations through the golden ticket system.

I had reservations for June '09 or beyond - are my reservations still good?
Yes. If you were booked for seats on a date beyond June '09 under the old system, we will still honor those requests. Keep in mind, though, that we may be 'double booked' for those days. You may be sitting in a folding chair - but you'll be able to watch the show, nonetheless.

How many tickets can I order at a time?
The system currently allows a maximum of 4 tickets per order. Sorry, out of fairness to everyone, we can't make exceptions to this rule.

I have a large group I'd like to bring to the show. Can I do that?
Yes. We do try to accommodate large groups of 10 to 12 guests (your church Sunday school class, co-workers, etc.) whenever we can, but we handle these requests differently. If you'd like to request a date for a large group, you'll need to submit your request to - don't try to book such large guests via the online system.

Be sure to include a range of dates that will work for you (at least 3 choices), a complete list of guest names, and a valid email address so that we can correspond with you. NOTE: Large group requests should be submitted at least 6 months in advance - the more notice you give us, the better the chance you'll get to bring your group to see the show.

Hey! This thing is asking for a credit card. What's up with that?
To reserve your seat at the Rick and Bubba studios, we need to gather some information so we know who you are - and also that you're a real person. Ticket Biscuit, our provider, uses a secure credit card verification process to validate your information and reserve your seat. The Golden Ticket seats are, of course, still free... we just need to know who you are to reserve your place among our honored guests!

Okay, I'm cool with that - how does the process work?
Our system is extremely easy to use, so you'll most likely have no trouble negotiating the system. If you've ever bought movie tickets or tickets to a concert online, you'll find the process is pretty much the same - but, if you'd like a quick overview of the process, here it is!

  1. Simply browse the event calendar and find the date of the show you'd like to attend (if a show is sold out, it'll tell you.)
  2. Click on 'Buy Tix' for your selected date.
  3. You'll register with the system - be sure to provide a valid email address! Then you'll select the number of tickets you want (we currently limit orders to no more than 4 tickets per request.)
  4. Fill in the information for each ticket.
  5. Provide your address and a valid credit card for identity verification (let us know you are who you say you are!)
  6. Print your tickets when your order is confimed - that's it!
  7. Brag to all your friends about how you're going to see the Rick and Bubba Show as you wave your Golden Ticket under their nose!

Hey! I clicked on a day to buy tickets, but it says no tickets are available online for this event. What's up?
When this happens, it means that someone else is in the process of booking the last available tickets for that date. When you start the process of ordering your tickets, the system will lock them and they're essentially unavailable, just like they've been sold, for a short time until the order is completed. When a date is completely sold and all tickets are finalized, the event will show as 'Sold Out'.

How do I manage my Golden Ticket account, see my order, or reprint my tickets?
You can do that by accessing your account management page - click here.

How do I cancel my ticket order?
Just send an email to with your name and the date in question. We'll cancel it for you so those seats will be available for someone else to enjoy!

Yay! I got my tickets booked, now when do I need to show up for the show?
Just arrive at the Rick and Bubba Studios between 6:45-7:00am on the morning of your reservation. Just wait outside the large glass studio windows, and an intern will escort you into the studio and get your seated and comfortable. BE SURE TO BRING YOUR TICKETS!

How do I get to the studio? Where are you guys?
Need to know how to get here? 

Vestavia City Center
700 Montgomery Highway
Suite 174
Vestavia Hills, Alabama 35216

Okay, I'm ready to go! Let me order my tickets!
Click here to order your tickets!